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Hi. I’m Brandy and I’m a song pusher. ;o)

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Yeeeaaaahhhh….. (she says nervously)…….

I just finished sending yet another email with a song in it to someone that it put on my heart. I do this a lot. Songs make me think of people, and I inevitably send them that song. Always. Why do I do this? Same reason some people say they’ll pray for you. Same reason some people ask to bring you food. Same reason some people mow your lawn or check your mail or bring in your newspaper. It’s just their way of showing they care and doing something they can do, something they know how to do.

Music is the cry of my heart. Always has been. I sometimes wonder why God gave me such a love of music, with no musical capabilities. I’m just a serious admirer. 😉 I know what I like, I know what I don’t, and it ends there. haha! And when I love something a song, I wear it out from listening to it nonstop. But then there are those favorites that never get old…..

Selah: Standing On The Promises LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! If a song can make me move without meaning to, it’s this one! I might clap too, and my children might look at me like I’m nuts. But whatever. I love it.

Addison Road: What Do I Know of Holy I can’t even explain the draw I have to this song. At all. What I do know is that when I need to talk to God but can’t find the words, just know my heart is aching for it….this song connects me quickly, straight from my heart. In some ways it feels like an apology, in others it feels like the greatest of praises to Him. It’s the inbetween I often feel that paralyzes me…. but this song always seems to break through that.

Fee. ANYTHING by Fee I love. I can’t pick just one, but for the purposes of this I’m gonna have to. 😉 Promised Land is one song that the first time I heard it I thought “this is so weird” but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it! But seriously, if you type FEE in at youtube and listen to them, I love it all.

Interesting thing about this group…. over the summer I had heard that they split up because of an affair between a band member and another band members wife….. and I instantly thought “dang it! I hate when that happens b/c it ruins the credibility of their music!” but really…. it doesn’t. I was talking to Jake about this the other night and I said that it really reminds me of King David. At times he did some pretty shady things (hello Bathsheba and Uriah, among many others!) but he was still highly favored by God because his heart was in right standing with God…. even though he stumbled….a LOT. Do the Psalms have less credibility because of David’s downfalls? No. Do the lyrics in Christian music have less credibility because the person who wrote them or sings them has personal downfalls that in this day and age are made so public? No. That’s the same opinion I have on Jennifer Knapp revealing she’s a lesbian as well. I know some people wanted to throw her and her music out the window as well. A good reminder for all of us…. God can use anyone at any stage of their life for His glory, even us…. even if we’re not rockin awesome musicians who sing amazingly. 😉 I don’t know where that soapbox moment came from but I’m coming down now to get on with my agenda….. of sharing good music. 😉 And P.S. That Jennifer Knapp link I included…. that’s a song I sing to the boys at night before bed sometimes. It’s my favorite of anything she’s done.


Needtobreathe. Can we just have a collective *sigh* here? I could listen to them I wouldn’t even care to know what they looked like, their voices are mesmerizing, and I’m sucked in everytime! Jake and I saw them in concert (HERE IN MINOT NO LESS!) and I was in giddy heaven. heehee I love to watch them sing too…. when someone sings with passion that comes through their face, I love it. Here’s a clip of them on Air1 for your viewing and listening pleasure. ha! The song “Garden” that they sing in that clip have lyrics that are more like a prayer, and I find myself just listening, not singing along, and feeling a quiet communion with God. And their more well known songs I love are Signature of Divine (Yahweh) and Washed By The Water.

Funny story about when we went to go see them in concert. As we pulled into the parking lot I saw van with some guys getting out. Now, I had only seen like ONE of their music videos, so I wasn’t positive of what they looked like, but these guys getting out of that van were looking a whole lot like them. I am in a PANIC for Jake to park so I can attack them get a picture with them and talk to them. So I quickly grab my camera and practically jump out of the truck before Jake is fully parked. I LEAVE MY HUSBAND BEHIND PEOPLE! I left him and hauled booty across the parking lot, and then chicken out, so I nonchalantly keep walking as I’m STARING at them. Their lead singer wasn’t there, that’s what threw me off. So one of the guys (the drummer I later figure out) sees me acting all weird, so I say “hey, uh, hi, uh are you guys playing tonight?” and he looks at me like I’m speshul and just nods a yes, to which I say “uh, cool, uh, haha, okay” and keep walking. As soon as possible I duck behind a row of cars and RUN back to the truck. I’m crazy you guys. CRAZY. Jake laughs at me. We go inside. I’m twitterpated through the entire concert. There’s an annoucement that if you pre-buy their next cd you get to meet and greet with pictures and autographs and all that. I look at Jake and say “yeah, we’re TOTALLY doing that!” Fast forward to meet and greet time…. I tell them the whole stupid story about me in the parking lot because I can’t stop talking because I’m so twitterpated that I’m standing there in front of them talking to them. I was so giddy in line that a woman asked me if I was a groupie. Um, no, thank you. I’m a MOM. Geesh. haha, a groupie. Anyway, I am aware that Jake is with me but I totally don’t care and he is laughing at me through the entire thing. End of embarrassing but seriously hilarious story. And I have a picture to go with it. VIOLA!


Okay so I think I’ll end Chapter 1 of My Favorite Music here. haha! I didn’t intend on there being chapters. Just so ya know. 😉


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  1. love music speaks to my heart, it reminds of people and places i love, and it encourages me greatly.

    I think of you everytime i play Addison Road..because i know you love them too. 🙂

    Love ya

  2. i, too, love music but am not gifted musically. :).

    enjoyed hearing about your ntb concert experience. my husband and i went to see them this past may and it was AMAZING! besides the concert, my highlight of the evening was getting carded!! it made my 36-year old smile bigger than ever :)!!!
    my husband even told the guy “i think you have made my wife’s year!”

  3. I love that. Didn’t know that about you. That’s awesome. I love that you recognize how everyone has their own way of showing they care, even if it’s kind of unusual. (Not saying that sharing songs is unusual, I definitely do that too.) I try to notice things like that in others. Especially if someone does something that my first superficial sort of reaction is “that was strange” or “that was insensitive” cause I know deep down, people DO mean well, they just do the best they can. And I love the sweet sentiment in that. Keeps me grounded and humble. And reminds me that sometimes I have my own unusual way of showing that I care and I hope that people can see that in me.


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