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Why DAO Days??


No, I’m not like a HUGE fan of the song, which I’m sure is spelled totally different. DAO days comes from my babies. Simple as that.




I was very excited after we named Owen b/c I realized the “DAO” part and I loved it.

One of my passions (besides blogging) is coffee. I’m not a HUGE coffee drinker, in fact I don’t particularly like the taste of coffee all that much. Just a little. But I LOVE to make coffee. It’s completely insane how much I love it. I drool at the thought of having a coffee shop of my own one day and making someone the PERFECT cup of coffee. Jake has been told numerous times that when his life in the military is over, it will be his turn to let me do what I want to do….and that is to own a coffee shop, all my own. The name for my coffee shop? I’m not sure.   HA!   But it will have DAO in it. So, until then, it will do as my blog title.  I didn’t really like “This Girls Life” all that much. I just sort of came up with it willy nilly when I was starting my blog. So, I changed it. Besides….my blog is SUPPOSED to be about the boys anyway. Maybe this will serve as a good reminder. 😉


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  1. Love the new look and layout! Such sweet boys.

  2. Hey there Brandy. I just read the HUGE conversation over at Debs, and wanted to tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And I agree with you on everything you said. Just want you to know, because this is certainly not the first time these guys have done this, and I know it makes you wonder if ANYONE is hearing you. So. Yes, I was. Thanks for standing up and saying what you did. Just wanted to say. You can delete my comment after I post it, since it has NO relevance to this post. 🙂 I just didn’t have any other way of talking to you.

  3. OH Annie, I would never delete this! thank you!

    THey’re something over there aren’t they? 😉

  4. I never read this when you had it titled “this girl’s life”. That sounds like a good title too. Maybe I’ll borrow it one day.

  5. Just catchin’ up on your cool self, and comings and goings. Love, love the new site. Happy 2011! -Roxx

  6. It’s be a LONG time. I took a break from the blog world for a while and just wanted to pop over to see how you are. I’ll be back! 🙂


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