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This was my most recent search term. HUH?!?! I don’t get it.  😕

tim conway harvey korman japanese accent

How on earth would that lead someone to my blog? 😯

Oh yeah, and WEDGIE was another one.  But that’s kind of obvious. 😆


Testing Testing…. is this thing on??

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Howdy. Allow myself, to introduce…. myself.

My name is Teresa. Or TcH as some of you might have seen me around, I look sort of like a freakish alligator with a yellow bag over my head.

I have taken over Bran Muffin’s blog. She just doesn’t know it yet. KIDDING just kidding. She totally knows. However what she DOESN’T know is how scary it is that she actually gave me access to this thing, and all of the exciting things I might say.

Bran Muffin (OH didn’t you know that is a nickname she loves??? I suggest you all start calling her that, she SERIOUSLY loves it) likes to try and suck me into things that I insist I will NEVER do. I will  never start a myspace account, I will never start a face book account. I’m now the proud owner of both. 😉  Either she is really persuasive or I really suck at standing my ground. OR BOTH.

Soooo to make a long story longer…. Brandy. I mean BRAN MUFFIN, wants me to change from my beloved blogger blog, to WordPress. I’m not so sure I am down with it.  Why should I change? I am a very loyal person. I am pretty simple.  I don’t need a lot of fancy bells and whistles.

Soooooo I’m trying this thing out, and learning how it works.  So far seems OK. Bran Muffin (we can call her BM for short, also a lovely abbreviation) : -) suggested I do a “guest” post and try it out. She suggested that I post about a story from long long ago. Something that happened to one or both of us. It involves thong underwear and a major atomic wedgie.

Do you want to guess which of us pulled and which of us was on the receiving end of the wedgie??? 😉

OK I tihnk my time here is up. The damage is done. Ummm I mean, my post is finished.

Over and out.


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A blog I read regularly, Bring The Rain, is in need of some serious prayer. For some reason I feel very led to repost this here in hopes that more will pray. I am just in tears over what this family has gone through. Please, go, pray, pray some more. And if you’re like me, cry a little.

I spoke too soon and now I’m eating my words with my foot in my mouth.

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So we discovered last night that someone stole Jake’s pellet rifle out of the garage. All of his “big guns” are in a locked gun cabinet in our room in the far back of our walk in closet, so they are safe. But his pellet rifle was in the garage in the back corner and it was standing up but Jake had draped his coveralls over it and tucked them around it and stuck it in with some other stuff, totally hidden. Well, someone had the stones to walk into our garage WHILE WE WERE HOME and take it. I mean seriously! We have never left the garage open when we weren’t home, so it had to be WHILE we were home. And the crappy thing is that during the day I like to crack the garage door….it has an automatic opener on it so I just open it like 1-2 feet for ventilation, b/c our garbage is in there and so is the diaper pail. So it could have been during the day when we are home. And I go out there a LOT during the day to throw diapers away. What would “they” have done had I walked in on them in our garage holding one of our guns??????   I mean, granted it shouldn’t have been in the garage at all (that is another complaint entirely) but still…. someone either had to slide under a partially opened garage door or ran in quick when Jake was mowing the yard the other day. We know it happened at some point in the last couple of days b/c when Jake was in the garage a few days ago was when he covered it up with his coveralls.

I know that in a post I did last week I said I felt entirely safe on base, and I still do, but I am just SO ANNOYED that someone did that. I couldn’t care less about the gun. I mean, I do care, but I’m not all upset about the loss of a pellet rifle, y/k? I’m more mad that someone had the nerve to do it in the first place. And WHO wouldn’t see someone walking down the street with a big ol gun?! That is kinda why I think it might be the neighbor kids b/c they are always hanging out in our driveway (shared double driveway) and it could have been a quick hide for them. We are going to go over there tonight and just let them know we had something stolen and ask them to ask their kids if they saw anyone besides us come out of our garage since they are out there a lot. Hopefully, if they saw someone (or know anything else) they will tell us.

Security Forces said there isn’t much they can do b/c it was a crime of opportunity and we shouldn’t have given them the opportunity.  😕  That is annoying. I understand it, but it’s still annoying. I guess b/c I don’t feel like we GAVE an opportunity. I could see if we were GONE and left the door open and it happened…well then bad on us for being stupid. But we have never done that. I’m so annoyed……mostly about them having the nerve to do it while we were home.

And we’re on base for cying out loud!!! ANd yes T, I hear you I hear you I hear you. I HEAR YOU.  😆  Being on base isn’t a guarantee of anything, but for those who’ve lived on a base, you know it’s a different community and stuff like this just isn’t as much of a worry….or SHOULDN’T be anyway.  😐

Okay, there. I ranted. I vented. I’m done.

my blog is striking against me

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I noticed that not all my stinkin’ emoticons are working. I think my blog is on emoticon strike or something. AND I noticed all my errors….but I’m leaving them. B/c I’m tired and don’t really care and besides you love me anyway, right? 😆

NMFAPIMWLC, shopping, and teeth!!

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So this begins MY third week on the NMFAPIMWLC. I think I’m about a week behind everyone?? But that’s okay, right? 😉

Unlike some others, I’m mainly focusing on how I feel physically and mentally.  My weight doesn’t concern me as much as how I feel physically does. So, my observations this week? I feel better, despite being sick. Sounds odd I know. But really, I am not DRAGGING all day like I was before. I felt like I was moving through molasses most days. Plus I feel more motivated to do stuff around here too. I just FEEL better overall. Which is good since I needed to feel better to battle this crappy cold/stomach bug I’ve got.  My weight hovers around 145/150 and I’m okay with that. I’m not overweight, but I could stand to tone up a bit. Jake is going to start going to the gym this week and I asked him to check out the family work out room and see if I would be able to do some weight lifting with the kids in there. I can do cardio at home, but I’d like to do weights at the gym. My eating this week was much better. I watched my portion sizes, snacked on fruits and veggies, and only ate out once. 😀 BUT, that has been cancelled out by eating out all weekend.  😳  Even still, I have done considerable well with my portions and choices. One thing I need to keep an eye on and make sure I do better….DRINK MORE WATER.  Sounds so easy but it is so hard when you are busy putting the needs of three little boys ahead of your own all day.  😕  So my goal this week: Keep up with the better food choices and portions and drink more water. Oh yeah, and try to incorporate some more excericise into my routine. 😉

TEETH!!! WE HAVE TEETH!!! Baby O has two bottom teeth coming up and the same time! I am SO EXCITED! He is nearly 11 months old and only just now getting teeth. My other two had several teeth by the time they were 6 months so for Owen to go this long was just strange for me. This kid is getting quite the personality. I love it. 😀  ♥  He is starting to communicate pretty well with us, considering he doesn’t know how to use words yet. 😉 I love seeing his little facial expressions…and it’s interesting seeing his face when he KNOWS he’s been “caught” doing something. heehee It’s so funny.

The boys did AWESOME today at Tasha’s house. 😀 I was so happy. I was anxious the whole time we were gone, but they did so good and when it came time to pick them up they didn’t want to leave!! 😯  That is always a good sign. 🙂  Tomorrow Tasha’s older daughter (14) is coming over to sit with the boys for about 30 minutes until Jake gets home. I am leaving to go with my neighbor to get her hair done but Jake gets home 30 minutes after I have to leave. So that will work out good. I’m going with my neighbor b/c 1) I want to check out the salon and 2) she wants my haircut. 😉 HA!! That makes me blush.  😳  After that I am going with her to another Arbonne party so that will be fun to meet more people.

Jake and I really enjoyed our afternoon together today. After the movie went went checked out a couple stores. We each got a new pair of shoes. I got a really cute pair for this summer, which I would show you via a link but I just checked and their page is down. Irritating. They are REALLY cute.  😆  I also got some wallflowers at Bath and Body so now I’m sitting in a yummy smelling living room. 😉

Tonight we went out to dinner to a chinese buffet/mongolian restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of chinese buffet AT ALL, but this was pretty good considering it was buffet.  After that we went to…where else…walmart. 😆  I had to get some curtains for the living room. My window scarves weren’t cutting it in this living room. I also picked out some paint samples to decide on. I’m so excited to paint! 😀 It’s going to be so homey in here when we are done with it. I got some other household accessories too but nothing blogworthy. 😆 In fact I’m probably the only one who thinks this is blogworthy as it is! 😆 Well, my mother in law is happy with the blog too….especially when it has tidbits about the boys. 😉


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Okay so my little panic streak last night was a bit much. Nothing happened. But it did remind me about how I probably do need to stay on my toes during tornado season. I just forgot how it felt….it has been four years since we lived in “tornado country” and all.

I’m a little sicky at my tum tum today. I took my anti-biotic last night and was fine all night and through the night. I woke up this morning, had some granola and pears with the boys and played with them a bit. I put some beef stew fixin’s in the crock and that is when I started feeling icky. I nursed O and put him down for a nap and then I went to lay down to see if it would settle my stomach at all…..and I slept for FOUR HOURS. FOUR HOURS!!! I was completely OUT. I didn’t hear a THING. And I didn’t intend on sleeping that long either. Whew. I am so grateful Jake didn’t come wake me up to do something with the kids. It’s rare around here that I get a nap without someone beckoning for me to due some “mom” duty. 😉 Anyway, I woke up fine, had a snack with the boys….blackberries and strawberries and about a half glass of a yogurt smoothie….and then was sick again. Huh. I don’t know what it is. Plus, the stew was NOT smelling good AT ALL. Like, completely made me want to hurl to smell it. There was no way I was going to eat it for dinner. Jake didn’t like the smell either. I must explain that the stew mix was PRE PREPARED at the deli at the commissary. All I did was open it up and dump it in the crock.  We decided against that for dinner and ordered from the bowling alley instead. We would have gone there and maybe bowled but by the time I got ready and we got there, they’d be closing. Plus, I was all queasy. I ate fine, but still, queasy.  I can’t figure it out. Huh.

I don’t have much to report from this weekend about the boys. 😦 I can’t remember much for the life of me. I do know there was SOME funny stuff, but at this moment I am totally drawing a blank.

OH! One very cute and extremely sweet thing that happened…. today when I was laying on the couch (prior to the nap) Aidan said “wus wong Mommy? Do you few wike you are gowin to frow up?” and I said “yeah buddy I do.” He then kissed my cheek and layed his head on mine, then climbed onto the couch with me and layed there and rubbed my arms. Then he started rubbing my cheek like I do for them when they are sick. He kept kissing my forehead too. Ah, it makes me tear up right now thinking about how sweet he is.  Sometimes he can be hell on wheels, other times he is THE sweetest little boy ever.  ♥

Dylan has been my little interior decorator lately.  😕  He keeps MOVING my pictures around the house. Nothing is safe if it’s not nailed down. I got really frustrated with him and said “Dylan, you are driving me NUTS with moving the pictures all over the place” and he got this really sad look on his face and said “But Mommy, I was just trying to HELP YOU.” I felt AWFUL. My mommy heart instantly shrank. I said “I’m sorry buddy, you’re right, it does look good there. You can go ahead and move some pictures around but you need to ask Mommy first.”  He brightened up after that and proceeded to “redecorate” the living room. 😉

Owen is quite the comic lately. He does this new thing where he shakes his head back and forth REALLY fast when he is irritated or frustrated. And he pants really fast while he does it. SO FUNNY! 😆 If he wants us to pick him up and we don’t….. shakes head fast. If he doesn’t want anymore food when we’re offering it to him….shakes head fast.  If he wants a toy he can’t get….shakes head really fast. Now we just bug him to do it b/c it’s so cute and funny.

OOOH, a HUGE praise for me this week….. Owen is sleeping in his own bed at night now! 😀 YEAH!!!! I can’t even tell you how much difference that makes in my mornings. And if it makes this much difference in my mood while I am sick, it will be AMAZING when I’m not sick. I am so relieved. The first night was PURE TORTURE but we made it through. I kept calling my mom to distract me from his crying b/c it was awful for me. The second night was shorter and each night after that got shorter and shorter. And he woke during the night fewer and fewer times. Last night he slept from 11 until 7:30 this morning!! YAHOO!

Jake is back on a normal work schedule this week Praise God. I was really starting to hate his working at night. He had last night off and tonight off. He doesn’t have to go in tomorrow either. He’ll return to work Tuesday starting a normal schedule again. We’re going to go to a movie tomorrow too….just the two of us. The first time the two of us have gone out without the boys since before we moved!! I’m nervous to leave them, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. They are staying with a lady we know from when we were in Missouri. They were there too and moved here the same weekend as us. I’ve watched her daughter a few times already so we are swapping babysitting duties. Plus she is a base certified daycare provider, so it there will be lots for them to do. She is excellent with kids. The only qualm I have is she swears quite a bit when I talk to her on the phone and I hope she doesn’t do this in front of the boys. I don’t think she does in front of her kids, but it still makes me nervous.  😕 

Something exciting for me….. I met the girl across the street. She has three girls, same ages as the boys just about too. Also, she and I are EERILY similar. Not in looks, but we have a lot in common. Like, freak you out give you weird chills. We were CRACKING up at the things we have in common. It’s just so odd. I really like her a lot. I went to her house Thursday night for an Arbonne Party, which is how we met. She came over to invite me and we really hit it off. It’s weird. Feels like we have known eachother forever. I am so relieved to have met someone, especially someone with three kids! Plus, she is also a Christian which REALLY makes my heart happy. 😀

Other good news….we might be able to get our puppy this week. 😀 YEAH! I’m nervous to bring him home. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a dog, and he is LITTLE and going to be a lot of work. *sigh* In the end though, I am glad we are getting him. I’ve missed having a dog.

The End. (I’m boring tonight. Sorry.)

p.s. I took a pregnancy test so no worries there. I am aware the my queasyness sounds a bit like pregnancy. It’s not though. Really. I checked.