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Sort of in need of an outlet right now….. like a punching bag. Or a gun and a target…. if I knew how to use a gun. If breaking glass or dishes would help, I’d do it…. but that doesn’t sound very enticing to me.

I wish I was a runner, I’d pound the pavement.

I wish I was a weightlifter, I’d burn it off at the gym.

If I was an alcoholic I’d be three sheets to the wind somewhere by now.

Instead, I’m numb. It’s a better alternative to letting loose on the angry rage building up in my chest right now.

Instead, I’m clinging to the only thing I know that gives me Hope and praying that Jesus guards my fragile hurting heart.

It’s all I know to do. It’s my only outlet.


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  1. I know how you feel and i hope that you are able to find some kind of peace soon.

  2. call me, chat or message, come over ! i have a punching bag (& gloves if you need them :o) a shoulder to cry on or sounding board to yell at…whatever you need Bran!

  3. I love you. That’s all. I hope you feel the peace of our LORD Jesus Christ right now. Praying…

  4. I love you! Praying is an outlet – the best one! But when you need to get it all out, scream and cry to a live person who you can physically shake to help get it out – friends are an outlet too! I wish I was there for you to shake and cry to, but know that you have a lot of friends there that you can do that with. We love you and HE will guide you thru! Feel His peace. Be stil. He will be for you.

  5. i think of that morning I sat in your front room after Jake went to work and I read scripture from your bible. Those notes you made were from many years back Brandy, but the promises, the counsel those scripture gave You then are still good today. In fact Brandy those scriptures have given counsel down through the centuries. Never stray far from God’s word Brandy. You know the prayers are going up, but those scriptures are for you today. God is faithful.

  6. I know I haven’t visited in a while but God led me to you today to encourage you to remember that whatever you’re going through, whatever situation you’re facing, whatever storms that are raging in your life, whatever obstacles are obstructing your view of the promised land; nothing, none of it is too hard for the Lord. He is faithful to strengthen us through our storms so that we may emerge more like Him and so we can give hope and comfort to others who are struggling the same way.

    Keep hanging on to Jesus sweet sister for His yoke is easy and His burden light. Love and blessings.

  7. Just know, you are not alone. (hugs)

  8. Came back and read this again….after being away from my blog for months as well and returning to see what was up on mine and yours….this spoke to me today. I needed it. ♥


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