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Alert the media, I’m posting a blog!

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So I think I’ve given up on the whole blog thing lately. Seriously I am just TOO busy and I tend to get sucked in when I am online so I try not to get on too much anymore. When I can manage to get on it’s so late and I can’t think straight enough to blog. Plus I think “what would I write about? Pooping, peeing, nursing, spit up, cleaning, errands…..” the list goes on and on of boring day to day stuff. There has been some cute exciting stuff though.
Owen rolled over on his FOUR MONTH bday. That was exciting. He instantly flips over to his belly when we lay him on his back. He is so cute too the way he just looks up and around at everything. We went to Jake’s Recruiters Annual around the middle of the month. That was actually a LOT of fun. I am so glad I ended up going with him for sure. Up until the night before it was still not for sure that I was going. I am glad it worked out though. We had a nice time together. My sister came back from Utah after only a month there. Not sure what the story really is there but I think she is back to stay. I am glad to see my nieces though so that is good! I was sad about the thought of not really knowing baby Naomi so I am glad to get to see her. Dylan is just over the moon that McKenna is here. They are so close it just breaks my heart to think of how sad he will be when we move. To be honest though, I am glad that now McKenna has a little sister to be buddies with b/c before when they were gone (the last time) she didn’t really have a buddy but now she will, and Dylan has Aidan and soon Owen will be joining in on the fun. That kid is growing like a WEED! He is just SO cute and full of smiles. I don’t think I have had a baby that smiles so much. Aidan hardly ever smiled as a baby and Dylan did smile a lot, but he fussed a lot too. Owen just smiles all the time. He is sleeping better too. My mom weened him off of the paci while we were gone that week and ironically he sleeps a LOT better without it. I am glad. I wouldn’t have been strong enough to ween him off of it. Also I am giving him ONE, just ONE, formula bottle at night. It was very hard the first time I gave it to him b/c I felt AWFUL but he sleeps so much better at night after that bottle and I am desperate for more than two hours of sleep at a time. My mom said that she did that with him when she had him and he slept really good so I thought I’d give it a try. Turns out it’s working. With Dylan I let him have a bottle every so often b/c I didn’t pump much with him so when he was with my mom or someone else they’d just give him formula and it never bothered me. Aidan on the other hand only had ONE formula bottle his entire “nursing” period and that was when he had “hand, foot, mouth disease” and went on a nursing strike. After that one bottle I felt devestated so I pumped. I was a bit nazi about it. I am trying to find a happy medium here. I feel okay about it too, especially since I have every intention of nursing this one as long as possible. I am hoping two years. Aidan went for 15 months so that was nice. 😀
We got out tree up today. YES we have a fake tree. YOU try having two boys who wrestle and play like crazy and a baby that puts everything in his mouth….. we would have a floor full of needles and a naked tree if we did a real one this year. Our first “fake” year was last year. I was just TIRED of dealing with the needles falling from the boys touching the tree all the time and worrying about the needles getting eaten. I LOVE having a fake tree though. I thought I would not like it so much but I do like it. I look at it like this……. being a military family we will never really have more than a few Christmases in the same house. We can’t go to the SAME tree farm every year, we can’t put decorations in the SAME place every year, we can’t decorate outside the SAME every year. There are few things that can be a constant and if a fake tree is one of those it actually gives me a sense of comfort, if that makes any sense. A friend of mine told me once that it always bugged her that nothing could be “traditionally done” b/c you are always moving so she had certain things she ALWAYS did or put up and her kids loved that some of those things were always the same. So, our tree will always be the same, and I like that now. I said when we bought it I would only do a fake tree while the kids were little and until they are old enough to want a real one I think that is how it is going to be. Right now I like the idea of something staying the same.
Jake put up our outside lights on Thanksgiving. I love being the first house on the street with our lights up. 😀 He did a good job. The boys LOVE it! Dylan is so funny and has such a good memory too! He said “WHY did Daddy put a wreath on the garage? We did NOT have one on there LAST year!” HA! He is right too…we didn’t! Another sort of funny thing he is saying….when Aidan is jabbering at him Dylan says “Okay Aidan, that’s enough, I have told you a HUNDRED times already!” heehee And today when Aidan was telling Dylan about something Dylan said “Aidan you have told me that a HUNDRED times, you can stop now!” AH HA HA! Gee, I wonder where he heard THAT from?
Aidan is a little copy cat too….. EVERYTHING Dylan says he says. Like just now Dylan was calling for me in his bed and I said “what do you want” and he said “I have to go poop” so I let him up to do that. When I took him back to bed Aidan was standing up in his crib and said “I have to go poops too!” heehee Silly kid. He so badly wants to be JUST like Dylan.
Tonight I think Jake and I are going to drag out the decorations for the inside of the house. We are going to do the tree decorations tomorrow night. Jake is going on 12’s this week until further notice (all of them are) so really this will be our only time to really do a full days worth of stuff for a long time. And I don’t want a bare tree up for over a week before we decorate it and I would love his help doing the house too. So, we will welcome December with a fully decked house, inside and out.