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Monthly Archives: October 2011


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iMiss innocence

iMiss community

iMiss friends

iMiss being connected

iMiss purpose

iMiss mission

iMiss simplicity

iMiss blogging

iMiss Gitz

iMiss my boys when they were babies

iMiss certainty

iMiss knowing

iMiss direction

I’ve been MIA for over 6 months on here…. and my word of the year was COMMITMENT. ha! I thought that meant staying committed to everything I wanted to commit to…. seriously. COMMIT COMMIT COMMIT. I didn’t realize that this year would be a refining of all things I was committed to. That it would burn away everything but the important things.

My last post was in March…. and I didn’t return because I had to heavily weigh my COMMITMENT to my marriage, and at that time, blogging wasn’t important. And then once that settled, I had no words to share. It’s funny how being hurt can silence you for a bit. Take your words. Steal your creativity.

My COMMITMENT to homeschooling was boiled down too…. the two oldest are now enrolled in public school. My COMMITMENT to my sanity, the health of my family, and overall balance outweighed my COMMITMENT to teaching. However, I learned that the things I want to teach I still can…. and that I do not want to teach the basics. I want to teach the Eternal. The Moral. The Creative. The Caring. The Intuitive. That is what I am passionate about instilling in my kids, not the rest. And so I let someone else do the rest, while I do what is important for me to teach them. Right now, it’s a win-win.

There are other lessons in my COMMITMENT journey this year, but those will come out with time.

For now, I just wanted to come here and say iMiss this community and fill in a bit of the 6 month blank.