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Organized Chaos

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It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I am NOT a neat person. I may have some OCD tendencies, but NONE of them are pertaining to keeping things in order or super clean. You’d think I liked things this way. I don’t. I hate it actually, but something in me rebels against it. And I can totally live in a chaotic environment. It doesn’t make me super happy, but it doesn’t bug me either. The only reason I hate it is because I know it bothers OTHER people. Like my husband. And really, there are days I think “seriously? you call yourself a housewife and stay at home mom?! get it together!!” 😯 It’s just something I wish I was good at.

Another thing will not be a surprise to anyone who knows me is that I am a very black and white person. I’ve gotten a lot of crap over this from people, but really, I’m done apologizing for it. It’s just how I am. Deal with it or go away. πŸ˜† Anyway, part of the reason I’m not a more organized person is this whole black/white issue. If it can’t STAY perfect, I don’t want to do it. And that is why I don’t. πŸ˜† Seriously. ALSO, I have a hard time focusing. I swear I have ADHD. 😯 I don’t multi-task unless it is talking on the phone while eating ice cream and watching t.v. HAHA! Seriously. Annoys the crap out of Jake. heehee

I’ve been noticing the last few months that in order for me to really FOCUS on something, I need to eliminate other things that easily consume me. Like talking on the phone, the tv, or my computer. I will frequently not answer my phone until I know who it is…..which means LEAVE A MESSAGE. And I might not call back right away if I’m focused on something else. There are days we leave the tv off completely because it’s so distracting for me and the boys. Yes those days are usually LOUD days but I’d rather them be playing loudly than sitting like lumps on logs in front of the tv. Then there are times when I need to turn off my computer so I can focus on other things….. like my house. I find that I take better care of stuff around here when I’m not plugged in. I need to schedule this time in, or else I won’t do it. And remember, I’m totally black and white so I can’t easily find a middle ground. I’m not wired for it. Or trained for it. Whatever. It’s just not something I am able to do at this point.

So, this week is my scheduled time off. Wish me luck. πŸ˜† I’ll be back Friday or Saturday. Or Sunday. Whatever. πŸ˜†


Eventful Weekend….for us. ;-)

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Friday night Jake and I did get to go on our date. We ate at the bowling alley due to time limits. Lucky the food there is just as good! Plus we like the guy who works there. πŸ˜‰ He is always so nice and chatty. After we ate we went across the street to the theater for Benjamin Button. OH MY WORD that movie is good. So good. And so long. Didn’t realize it wasΒ a 3 hour long movie! 😯 When we left the theater I said to Jake “that was an AWFUL HORRIBLE MOVIE! Just horrible!” meaning “it was brutally awesome.” He said “yeah, that was not good at the end.” πŸ˜† The movie kind of left us in a quiet state on the way home. It was THAT good. At one point I said to Jake “I can’t believe how worked up I got over such a horrible TRUE story!” and he looked at me like I was crazy. Clearly I was poking fun at myself because it’s NOT a true story but it was one of those that leaves a mark on you as if it was.

After we got home I took Marlee to the store with me and bought her a soda and a candy bar and then paid her. I also picked up a movie for me and Jake to watch and some champagne.Β  For my bellini mix you know. πŸ˜‰ I took Marlee home and went in and visited with her mom for a bit. We really should hang out with them more often. When I got home we watched the movie I had picked up….Fireproof. Another amazing movie. Yes a bit cheesey in the acting department at times, but the message of the movie overpowered that 100x over for me. I told Jake that I got more out of the movie on a personal level than I did on a marriage level. Yes it was a good marriage movie, but there were some key moments where I was like “nice God, real nice, I KNOW okay?!” πŸ˜† When it was over Jake said “I think I should probably be doing that stuff too” meaning the “Love Dare” that they husband does in the movie. I’m glad Jake pointed that out himself. πŸ˜‰

Saturday we slept in LATE. I’m not even going to say how late b/c it is THAT embarrassing. I did however get up when the boys (Dylan and Aidan) did and made them breakfast. After that they played and colored so nicely on their own and let us sleep. I felt guilty when I got up though. Whenever I sleep longer than they do on the weekends I have that twinge of Mom Guilt, but I need to remember this is our new normal. We don’t have the reprieve of my momΒ anymore to keep them overnight or take them in the morning like we did before. And with Jake working nights we can’t switch off like we were before either. Luckily Owen sleeps in late or else there would be NO sleeping in. I think D and A would eat him alive if that happened. πŸ˜†

After I got up and around I decided that I didn’t want to sit home all day so I got myself and the boys ready to go into town to eat. Jake finally decided to get up and go with us so we just went to the BX first to eat and shop for a few things we needed. Then we came home to check something and decided to stay because they were all HORRIBLE. Dylan completely defied me in the bathroom at the BX by REFUSING to wash his hands. I mean outright refusing. I finally managed to fenagle his hands under the faucet and get them washed (he is SO STRONG!) and then I gave him the paper towels to dry with and THREW THEM ON THE FLOOR. 😯 That was another battle I’d rather have not fought. Needless to say I won, but dang it was frutrating. By that point I was done and wanted to go home. After we ate we went and shopped around and then it was Aidan’s turn. He screamed his head off the whole time in the store and sounded like a dang newborn baby. Owen fussed a bit too. I should be glad that really only one at a time would act up, but dang, it was so hard. When we went out to the truck Owen decided to give his lungs some exercise and started screaming as well. By the time we got home we were SO disappointed in them that we decided to stay home. Well, the boys and I did. Jake was supposed to maybe be meeting people in town to eat so he went ahead and did that and brought food back for me later. πŸ˜‰

Today the boys and I tried out a new church. I was VERY impressed and very happy with it. It was a bit creepy too b/c the pastor there looks EXACTLY like our pastor at home. EXACTLY. Has the same body frame, same mannerisms, teaches similar. It was so bizzare. I will say that this church is a bit more charismatic than we are used to, but I will take it over some of the more rigid ones we’ve been too. It’s Assembly of God which is pentacostal which I did not know. πŸ˜† I didn’t know that before going, and I am glad I didn’t. I might have tried it. I absolutely loved it. By the end of the service I was in tears because I was so happy to have found a church that just clicked. I also had to DRAG the boys out of their classrooms. They were having so much fun and didn’t want to leave. I was so happy about that. πŸ˜€ Oh, also, there is a coffee bar at the church. I won’t lie…… I was sold right then. πŸ˜†Β  😯 HAHAHA!!!! After church I took the boys to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat. It’s a sports bar/restaurant. They had been asking for a WEEK to go there so I figured today was as good a day as any. It was bit challenging taking all three of them by myself into a restaurant. Bathroom trips were tricky. πŸ˜† I am glad I did it though b/c now I know I can do it again. πŸ˜‰

I know for certain that the boys and I will keep going back. I’m not sure if Jake will ever go with us b/c of this schedule he is on. And I can’t swear that when he finds out it’s pentacostal and slightly charismatic that he will want to keep going either. Something I need to pray about for sure. All I know is, I felt so comfortable there and such a peace. It was so nice to be around people who were EXCITED to be Christians, EXCITED to be at church, EXCITED to worship. And not one of them afraid of how they looked worshipping. It was nice.

If you read this tonight, pray for Jake. He has a certification tonight that he needs to pass for his job. It starts at 3am. πŸ˜‰

Tomorrow Peanut has an appointment to get his hair cut at 10am. I hope Jake is home in time for that! While that is going on I am going to hang out in town and go to WalMart to pick up some stuff and then maybe go to the mall just to walk around and be out of the house. πŸ˜‰

I’ve got a hot date!

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Jake and I are going out for dinner and movie tonight and we don’t even have to leave base! WOOHOO! Besides, if we did leave base I’m pretty sure we’d get stranded in town thankyouverymuchsnowyroads. Woke up to snow falling this morning and it was obvious it snowed most of last night. The wind today isn’t kind either. πŸ˜•

We have Marlee (14) coming over at 5:30 (well, I am picking her up) and then Jake and I are heading to JR Rockers (restaurant/bar) on base for dinner and a drink. Then we’re going to the base theater to see Benjamin Button. Kind of excited to see it. Jake wants to eat at the bowling alley but NO SIR I want a drink with my dinner thank you. I’m just hoping and praying the boys are good for her tonight. So far I have not put them down for a nap at all. I had intended on putting them down for late naps so they would be fine for her tonight….. so far only Owen is down. Dylan and Aidan are ACTUALLY (knock on wood) playing very nicely and I see no reason to put them down. I just hope the rest of the night goes okay. I’m sure it will. Kids are always better for someone else. πŸ˜†

The boys and I made a video earlier of them dancing to Natasha Bedingfield. I swear they like her music as much as I do! At first a window popped up saying it couldn’t detect sound and to change my settings… I did. We started over and the window didn’t pop up again so I assumed it was fixed. 8 minutes later we are watching the VERY CUTE AND FUNNY video of all three of them dancing their hearts out and……NO SOUND!!!! I was so upset. 😦 It’s still cute and I still might post it for the grandparents….but dang it is so funny if only you could hear them. Bummer. I need to fix it for next time.

Pirate Bones

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When I’m in need of a boost to make me get up and move, music is always my cure. Today, Natasha Bedingfield is kicking my butt into gear.

Preach It!!

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Saw this article on another blog tonight, Suburban Turmoil I think it was? Anyway, HILARIOUS!! I about busted a gut laughing at it! πŸ˜† And the “snit” at the end I read as “shit” which is even better that way. hahaha!!sahm


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Today we had some pretty nice weather outside….. the sun was gorgeous! No wind! I decided to get me and the boys bundled and borrow my friends wagon. I pulled the boys around the block….took all of 15 minutes but DANG were we frozen when we got back. Even still, they wanted to play in the backyard ON the snow. Standing on top of it they were taller than our swingset! 😯  I laid Owen down for a nap and then got Dylan and Aidan loaded into the truck to get some hot chocolate at the coffee shop.

It was 3pm. Coffee shop was closed! Dang! So, I dropped the boys back at home (by the way, Jake was home sleeping this whole time) and went to the shoppette to get some there. Swung by and paid the babysitter for Friday night on my way home. Came in, gave the boys their drinks, then told them that since Owen and Daddy were sleeping and they were quietly watching cartoons I was going to run to the grocery store QUICKLY. They were to sit quietly, sip their drinks, and not make a fuss. “Okay mommy, okay, okay, okay mommy, okay” was what I heard. I made sure they understood, and I was off. I was MAYBE gone for 30 minutes. MAYBE.

When I got home all hell had broke loose. Owen was up. Jake was up. Dylan was sobbing. Aidan was…..Aidan. Wandering around without a clue. Apparently, Owen had been awakened (funny how NO ONE knows how) and was screaming this weird scream he does when he is scared and thinks no one is coming for him. Jake heard him, got up and came downstairs to Dylan to screaming “MOMMY?! MOMMY?! MOMMY?!” and spilled hot chocolate ALL OVER THE COUCH. When Dylan saw JakeΒ he burst into tears because he couldn’t find mommy. Jake of course was mad b/c he thought I left them alone and didn’t tell them where I was going. He even called my friend across the street looking for me. The boys SWORE they had no clue where I was or if/when I had left. 😯 Good grief.

Once I got everyone calmed down I explained to Jake what exactly had happened. He went back to bed and the boys went about playing. I asked Dylan if he remembered what we talked about. “Yeah, you were just going to the store really quick.” YES DUDE! I have no idea what was up with him freaking out and saying he didn’t know where I was. Good grief. I called my friend and she gave me the story from her end. πŸ˜† Apparently Jake was REALLY mad. haha!!

If you’re wondering if I’ve ever done this before……yes I have. I’ve left them sitting on the couch watching a movie while Owen has been sleeping and Jake IS home (sleeping, but home) while I ran to Burger King, and been gone the same amount of time. I have no idea what went wrong today. πŸ˜†Β  😯 GOOD GRIEF!!

Dirty Duds

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My life is glamorous, I just HAVE TO share it with you.

Me: (smelling something in the air) Aidan, did you poop in your diaper?

Aidan: (shaking his head) I don’t want to tell you.

Me: Yeah, you did.

Aidan: I just don’t want to tell you. Ever.

And this is the dance we do every single time there is a diaper to be changed. Which would be AT LEAST three times a day from him. Let’s not talk about Owen. 😯

On the upside to this dirty topic, Dylan can take care of himself in that department now. HALLELUJAH!! Life just got a little easier.