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It’s the beginning of a new year, and this is the time people generally take to make “resolutions” for their lives. I sheepishly admit to being one of those people. However, I’m not telling what mine are. I’ve found in the past that whenever I set my mind on something, make a goal, a deadline, a timeline, etc for anything in my life, it never gets done if I tell someone about it. I always think “eh, I TOLD them I wanted to do it, that’s good enough.”  It’s taking the saying “it’s the thought that counts” to a whole new level. Or low, depending on how you look at it.  😐

I’m already nervous because a “plan” I’ve had for a few weeks and didn’t tell anyone but Jake about, I told my mom. And now I’m worried I won’t do it. Because I suddenly feel the pressure of performance, like now someone knows and is watching so I better hop to it. And that pressure, for me, is always awful. So awful I quit before I start. So it’s always better for me to keep these things to myself. I get more satisfaction out of proving to myself that I can do something and telling about it AFTER, than I get from making sure I impress people by following through. 

So yes, I have resolutions. Many. Well, just a few actually. And I’m not telling. But I can tell this….. They are resolutions that will make my life better and more enjoyable all around. Nothing like losing weight (that’s always on my mind, new year or not) or eating better (I could ALWAYS eat better). I’m thinking more re… nevermind. I can’t tell you. I’ll ruin it for myself. Just know that I’m in pursuit of better this year. All around. 😉