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I love when they try to use big words

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Aidan:  “Stop anatizing me!!!” (said to Peanut)

Why? Because we are always saying to the boys, “stop antagonizing the dog!”



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  1. hahahaha wanna antagonize B’s blog with an all out Hijack? others coming too…I so need you! at 8 or whenever you can get there..oh my time..eastern..LOL

  2. Ha Ha! Kids say the funniest things. I interview kids of all ages on a daily basis in my job and I always say I am going to start writing down the funny things they tell me but I haven’t done it yet! One of these days…

  3. APril, I say the same thing about the boys. I should write down EVERYTHING they say but I just can’t….there’s too much. My mom is always saying I’d have a best seller if I wrote it all down. 😆 HA!

  4. Thats it! Thats my problem – I have been anatized!!

  5. Maybe we should combine our material…we would for sure have a best seller then!

  6. I am very impressed that your boys are learning “adult” words at such a young age.

    I suspect Peanut is less impressed.

  7. so cute!!! don’t ya just love those words they make up? They’re the best!

  8. kids say the darndest things..


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