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OOOOOH! Today mom and I braved the mall with the kiddos…. which BTW is a GREAT money saver b/c they were so crabby we only went to one store! Anyway, Macy’s was having this HUGE sale that lasts all weekend and some of their stuff is only 4.99!!! OMG! Mom was there to pick something up for my grandma and a sales lady was helping her and I noticed a cute pair of capris and I said “oh these are cute and they are only 9.99 and the lady said “no honey they are 4.99….everything in this section is” and I said “WHYYYYYY am I not shopping then?!” and I proceeded to tear through the racks! AH HA HA!!
I got $251 worth of clothes for only $44!!!!!! YAHOOOOO! Made my day! ;o)


Saturday Shmaturday

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So for the last two days I have been on the prowl for a cute outfit to wear to my friend Tara’s wedding. Having just had a baby two weeks ago, this is no small feat. Yes yes, I waited too long and at the last minute panicked and spent four hours at the mall yesterday (where I found an outfit and bought it but then decided I didn’t want to wear it to the wedding) and countless hours here at home going through outfits, mixing and matching, even trying a few of my moms cute outfits. So here was my problem… SHOES. I could find what I wanted to wear but didn’t have the shoes to match. I didn’t buy any CUTE shoes while PG b/c I couldn’t wear heels….hurt my back. Well now I can wear heels again so yesterday I bought two new pairs. You’d think that ONE of those pairs would have been good enough…..nope. I had to go BACK to the mall today and get the black pair I had been eyeing yesterday. I went, I got. On my way out I went through Macy’s and OF COURSE had to browse through the clothes there. I found two new shirts on clearance and grabbed those. I made it home and wasn’t even gone an hour. That is some power shopping!
I get home and pair the shoes with a few outfits and pick one I am COMFORTABLE in and that doesn’t show the post baby belly. I hate that belly. Anyway, after all that, this was the ONLY picture I got of me and Tara tonight. LOL I didn’t even think to get one of me and Jake, and we were looking pretty cute! Owen went with us considering he’s attached at the boob. He looked pretty cute too. 😀

I am so happy for Tara and she was just the most beautiful bride ever. What is it about weddings that make you cry? As soon as I saw her come through the doors and outside (outdoor wedding) I instantly started crying. I am just so happy for her. She deserves this so much. 🙂


Tomorrow we are going to attempt church for the first time in 3 weeks. We didn’t go the Sunday before I had Owen and we haven’t gone since he was born either. I’m in need of church! I’m excited that Owen did well in his baby sling tonight so hopefully he will be okay during church in it tomorrow.
We have our link group tomorrow night as well. Days with link group are always busy and rushed. I feel stressed out about naps on those days. Sometimes we end up not taking the boys b/c they aren’t up in time…. but I don’t think that will be an option tomorrow. We’ll just have to skip the after church lunch at Abbey’s and come straight home for a quick lunch and then straight down for naps…… I hope I can pull it off. There is NO WAY we are doing no naps tomorrow. Whenever they don’t nap they turn into terrors at EXACTLY 6 o’clock. EXACTLY.
I was wanting to get some cleaning done this weekend but that obviously isn’t happening either. Shoe shopping was a bigger priority today! HA! I have no energy to clean at night either. I used to count on that after the kids went to bed, but MAN this nursing every two hours at night is kicking my butt. I am drained.

Speaking of drained….I am babbling now…. I need to go to bed. I am beat.