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What kid doesn’t want to dress up for Halloween?!

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11:00 PM – What kid doesn’t want to dress up for Halloween?! Current mood: blank
My kid apparently! Dylan has been so difficult this year when it comes to his Halloween costume. At first he wanted to be a pirate. For WEEKS he said he wanted to be a pirate. So, I got him a pirate costume. Didn’t fit. It got stuck on his head and he freaked! I returned it and tried to get him to pick out a different costume and he wanted none of it. He said he wasn’t going to dress up for Halloween this year. I think he was doing it just to irritate me. I found a cool fireman outfit and said “Hey Dil, you could be a fireman!” and he said “but MOM I already have that at home. My rain jacket!” His rain coat looks like a fireman coat so he said he would just wear that. Still trying to get him to get on board with a costume I said “But this one has a cool yellow fireman hat!” and he said “but MOM I have one of THOSE too! I’ll just wear that.” True, he does have a yellow contsruction “hard hat.” I guess he’s an economical three year old. My mom, trying to change his mind about a costume too, said “Dylan, Carson is going to be an elephant, are you sure you don’t want to dress up in costume?” and then he said “YEAH! I want to be an ELEPHANT!” I just shot my mom this look like “thanks a lot” and she started laughing and took off down the isle. That would all be great except that they didn’t HAVE any elephants. We walked through walmart with him crying for an elephant. Later that day my mom remembered she had an elephant costume Weston had worn last year so she brought it over, but by that time he didn’t want to be an elephant anymore either! This kid is KILLING ME!
Anyway, that was a few weeks ago. I have held onto the elephant costume with high hopes that he would change his mind. Nope. Now he wants to be a frog. Well now it is too late to find a good costume anywhere, especially a frog. I tell him he can’t be a frog b/c he waited too late to pick something (he only picked this like a week ago) so now he is back to “I don’t want to be ANYFING FOR HALLOWEEN!” Greeeeeeeeeeeat.
So tonight I say “are you SURE you don’t want try on the elephant costume?” and he says “no I will just be Thomas.” He was Thomas the Train last year and we still have the costume so I guess he has decided he will be a repeat this year. Good grief. Who knows what he will actually be when it comes right down to it. We still have about 20 hours to go until he has to be in an actual costume.
Aidan on the other hand is going to be the cutest clown you have ever seen! I had bought him a giraffe costume last year when they went on sale after Halloween but it doesn’t fit him like I hoped it would. Plus he was very scared of the giraffes head being above his head. He kept looking up at the nose and going cross eyed!
Owen will be…..nothing. Alert the bad mom media…. I’m not dressing up my baby. I had some baby Halloween outfits but I gave them to Teresa when Kambrie was a baby b/c I thought we were done having kids. I had actually forgotten about them until just the other day. Oh well, he would just spit up all over it anyway.