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my own groundhog day

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Seems the same unfortunate things KEEP happening and have been happening for the last week, and it all involves puking. πŸ˜†

Yesterday and today it was the dog. The big dog. The big puking all over the place dog. Losing my mind here people! For a week straight someone in this house has been having episodes of vomit or worse at least once a day. And guess who gets to clean it up or tend to it or coddle the latest victim???

THAT’S RIGHT. Yours truly. πŸ˜•

And as a result, I’m not 100% better and my stomach is seriously touchy still. I don’t trust it. πŸ˜† One second I feel fine. The other, I’m running for the bathroom that has a bucket in it. I know, you’re welcome for that information. πŸ˜‰

Today though….. today was an insane ball of absolute craziness. It is almost comical how many things went wrong today…..

Dog puked in his house all over his bedding. Then puked ON MY CARPET. Dropped dinner for 7 kids….twice. Salvaged enough to feed them all. Awesome. Dropped pizza on my shirt. On my pants. On my floor. The pizza that hit the floor got trashed. Missed yoga. Planned an hour and a half for grocery shopping, got all of 40 minutes due to stupid circumstances. Fought with oldest son who somehow overnight developed the mouth and attitude of a teenage girl. Husband has a horrid stye in his eye and spend the day crying and cursing on the couch to which Dylan said “ummm, you have an AUDIENCE” in a sing song voice….now that was funny. I ate far too many oreos thanks to my seriously amped up anxiety and all around craziness today…. then proceeded to TRY and do 5 minutes of the Shred with the boys…. which resulted in the oreos making a quick and rude exit.

And that is just the highlights friends! πŸ˜†

Off to bed and hoping and praying for a better day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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