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This counts for Feb 28th!

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Okay. So.


ahhh, feel a bit better now.

That sums up my day. We started our new “family schedule” and let me just say…..

-it’s exhausting to actually not waste your time all day (ha! who knew?!)
-I have to learn to go to bed earlier because no matter what, I have to be up before everyone else and that is EARLY in my book. Maybe not in yours, but 7am to me is like death.
-when I hit my afternoon slump, I have a schedule telling me I can’t stop…which is good and bad.

All part of me striving to be LESS SELFISH and lazy in regard to my parenting and homemaking. Lord help me. 😉 Also hoping it helps regulate Aidan a bit….. kiddo bit me through a sweatshirt so hard today and held that dang bite for a good 10 seconds…. I still have the bite marks on my shoulder and it’s STILL sensitive to the touch. yowza! Kids got some chops there.

Tomorrow, I get to go back to yoga after two weeks off….unintentionally! Excited!


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  1. Well done lady. I’m happy for you. Routines are a tricky thing, to me, but always so helpful when they can be put into practice.

    Getting up early, I’m not a fan either. I don’t know if this would apply to y’all since everyone is home schooled-but maybe it’ll inspire some ways to help out your morning routine to take a lil of the workload and stress out of that early hour of the day and get things started off on the right foot for the day. Me and my anti-routine self figured out if I prepped for the next day the night before that it completely took the struggle out of the morning routine. So for us, every night I set out tate’s outfit, his toothbrush/toothpaste/timer, all his breakfast stuff/allergy meeds for the day, make his lunch (I’m making them for the whole week technically Sunday night). I used to even set out a 5-minute timer for breakfast cause he used to just play with his food. (something we decided we are gonna start up again) but my stress level for the mornings has all but completely vanished.

    So sorry about the fatigue. I suffer from the same thing. Maybe we can fix that too. Love you to pieces lady. Praying for better and better days ahead for you.


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