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Simply Too Much

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20 plates
20 bowls
35 coffee cups
20+ glasses of various sizes
10 or so plastic cups of various sizes

5 people in our family

Guess who will be purging her cabinets?

….and creating more space
….and more time
….and less work




So I cleaned we had and weeded out all we didn’t need on a daily basis. We are left with 5 bowls, 5 plates, 5 cups, 3 coffee cups.

I didn’t get rid of the other stuff, but packed it away so it can’t easily be used without making the ridiculous effort to go and get it….which would take longer than just washing a bowl or plate or cup. I also kept it in case we have company or other kiddos that need to eat here during a meal time. Already, I am feeling the benefits of it….even if it just makes me feel less stressed about the anticipation of 50+ dishes to do. I am NOT good about managing a lot of stuff and keeping it clean….. so having more than we need always ends up being a big mess. This will be our trial week to see how it goes, but I’m seriously hoping this sticks!

This method has worked well with our clothes in the past (okay, mostly the boys’ clothes) so it makes sense to me that this would be beneficial too. 😉


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