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Okay, so I got back last night around 9:30 and was so busy today I didn’t think to post anything.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I did think about it, and then thought that my brain couldn’t handle a big post about it right now because it was THAT BUSY/CRAZY/FUN/TIRING of a trip. 😉

The highlights:
-got a new purse that is so awesome I am getting rid of all my other purses. That’s huge for me. HUGE.
-got a PERFECT necklace/earring set to match a specific shirt that I don’t have anything to go with.
-have a new rockin awesome dress to wear with my knee high boots.
-discovered a new wine that I LOVE, thank you Olive Garden. Didn’t finish the bottle I ordered so they let me take it home in this super cool sealed plastic bag so you can drive with it. NICE! Didn’t waste it!
-picked up a $60 bed set for Dylan’s birthday for only $15!!!!! NICE!!!
-had some AMAZING conversations with JaNae and Michelle, very enlighting, challenging, encouraging, and just fun!
-overcame my anixiety about going into one of those walk-in mani/pedi salons and got my feet done BY A STRANGER. It was the most amazing thing ever. I want one once a month now. Not good. 😆
-got a few gifts for people….just because gifts and birthday gifts. I love buying people stuff. I’ve never wanted to be rich so I could by myself stuff (okay, maybe a little)…. I’ve always wanted to be able to buy things for everyone I love. And not just big things, but little things too that I run across. To me, that is the best thing about spending money…. buying little meaningful things for loved ones.

The Lowlights:
-Aidan did not handle me being away very well. I sat in the mall and cried while Michelle and JaNae were in JCPenney after I hung up with Jake. It breaks my heart that that much change in our routine (I use that word extreeeeemely lightly) can affect him so negatively.
-I realized through great conversations how many deep rooted issues I have with selfishness that affect my mothering and my ability to care for my family. I don’t want any defenses on this either friends….. I know I’m a good mom, I know I try my best, but I’m capable of more and let selfish issues stand in my way. It was just the first time I said these things out loud to anyone else in an authentic way, instead of in a sarcastic joking way. So maybe this is a highlight?? 😆

That’s about it. There was nothing negative at all about this trip. There were a lot of candid discussions and brutal honesty (seriously brutal honesty LOL) but it all led to a great time with friends, one of which is moving and it breaks my heart. That was the whole point of this trip, for me and JaNae to take Michelle out for one big bang before she moves.

I think we succeeded. A trip not soon to be forgoteen!


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