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The Attitude Pledge

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Okay, so first off….. I totally dropped the ball on posting yesterday. Only because I totally thought I did until this morning when I was brushing my teeth and realized I didn’t! What the heck?! It’s weird, I always remember things when I brush my teeth, or have my best ideas/thoughts then.


Tonight doing Dylan’s devotional we read about JOY STEALERS. I’m pretty sure everyone knows one or two (or three or four) joy stealers in their life. After the devotional there is always an activity to do, whether it be coloring something, doing a maze, filling out a word puzzle…..or whatever. Tonight was an Attitude Pledge. I thought “dang! This isn’t just good for kids, this would be good for a lot of adults!” So, I’m sharing. Enjoy!

I pledge to build good attitudes in my life.

I will try to keep an attitude that is the same as Jesus’ attitude.

I will show others that I need Jesus.

I will show Jesus that I’m sorry for my sin.

I will not act like I am better than others are.

I will alwys try to do the things that God’s Word tells me I should do.

I will show kindness to others.

I will keep my heart clean from sin.

I will try to be a peacemaker wherever I go.

I will continue to do good things even if others treat me badly.

If people lie and say bad things about me because I follow Jesus, I will be glad.

I know God will give me great happiness.

If I’m asking this of my kiddos, then I should at least try and live the same way.


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  1. i totally just stole this !!! it may be my next tat :o) or maybe i’ll just tape it up all over my house…

  2. hahaha! Tonya, that would be a loooooong tattoo!!! LOL! 😉 😆

  3. Oh my gosh this is the perfect theme for my life lately. Coincides with a blog I was told to check out. If you haven’t checked it out you must. I’m addicted. It’s all about taking your life and your spiritual relationship to the next level. About self reflection. Getting the crud out of your life. No more enabling friends. No more making excuses in your life. No more selfishness….etc. It’s a serious gut check. I think there’s times in your life when you need the close support of friends. Having people in your corner to go to bat for you and with you. But then there are other times in life when we need to surround ourselves with strong Christian influences who remove all the fluff from your life, and tell it like it is, in love. That’s what these ladies do. I met them through my sister. Been to many ladies nights with them. They are the real deal. You might love it, you might hate it. If you hate it, I say it’s just cause they struck a nerve and it might mean you need to take another look at it. The blog is enjoy. Remember rule number one: it’s not about me, and rule number two: I don’t have to be right.

    • mmm girl, I have read their blog before! I dont’ remember who told me about it, but I remember I spent a good chunk of time there going through all their stuff.

      Good stuff too!


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