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Hi. Yeah….so…. someone forgot to post before it got too late. Friends were over. Jake was using the computer. Now it’s 2 and I’m finally going to bed. I also don’t think I’ll get to post tomorrow night (which is technically the same day as “today”) before too late either. Here’s hoping!

High for today: sitting around my living room with three friends for 5 hours having some of the best girl talk. Amazing the things you can find to talk about!

Low for today: dog poop on the floor that stunk up the ENTIRE house. He pooped when I was putting the boys to bed upstairs, so I didn’t hear him downstairs scratching. Next goal for him…. bladder control! 😆

Plans for tomorrow…. trip to Bismarck for the day and then POSSIBLY making it back to base to go to the new Narnia movie as a fam. Super excited about seeing that!


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  1. Hi/Low….did you get that from The Story Of Us, by chance? One of my all time favorite movies. That movie gets me deeply emotional. I think I set a record for how many times I watched that movie last year.

    Sorry about the puppy training. No fun at all. Hope it will get better QUICKLY.

    And I hope the girl talk more than made up for the puppy training. Nothing like a night of adult conversation. It’s like free therapy.


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