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That is the ONLY REASON I am on here at 12:42 trying to post a blog. Dang word. 😉

Anyway, I’m only up so late b/c I was doing stuff for MOPS tomorrow and then started chatting on the phone with the other coordinator…. and that always ends up being a loooong conversation. I love when that happens when you talk with friends, or anyone really. Always lots of laughs! So now that I’m done I think “ah shoot! blog post! committment! dangit!” 😆

I have a lot to say right now about a bunch of different things, but more important than that, I need to go to bed. SO, I’ll save it for tomorrow night when I won’t have to be up early the next morning.

Oh, one bit of good news quick…. the new pup didn’t poop in the house today!!!! yahoo!! First entire day since we got him. haha! He is finally scratching at the back door to let us know. Need to hurry and get a bell system set up b/c I don’t want him scratching up the wood door….however, right now I’ll take it so long as I never have to clean up big breed dog poop in my house again!!!! And he and Peanut are figuring things out. I see some boundaries being set between them…. good thing!


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  1. Karin Constable

    I remember those dog poop-steamer beamer days-boy that’s yucky! yeah all we did was take one of those bells people decorate during Christmas and put it on a string and hang it on the door knob, the dog picked it up almost all herself-we praised her when she did it and showed her a couple times what to do right before she went out.
    Oh, I remember you posting too about the dog not pooping outside when you take him out-didn’t know if you read posts on training dogs where to poop too. I think it was Jenna who told us they snow-blowed their backyard-1. to make sure the snow drifts didn’t give an easy out for the dogs or kids out the backyard and 2. to be able to pick up the big dogs poop more often too! so then we read about -and believe me it took practice-but it was worth it, to take Summer out on a leash each time she had to go and taught her to go where you want the dog to do their business-ours was along the fenceline so it was never in an area where kids played and we always knew where to go to pick up the poop-you just keep one pile of poo in the place you want them to go and always bring them to it and don’t let them deviate from it-if they have to go, they will go-we kept telling her to “go poop” or “go potty” and gave her a treat when she was done helped! so now when we told her to go outside to go poop or potty, she knows where to go and went right to her spot! just an idea I thought of when you said you were taking him out to go! makes it worth it for a well trained dog! especially with that massive nasty poop pile they leave! blech-God Bless you lady!

    • haha! Thanks Karin! Yeah, I did that with him on the leash, but the yard is so piled up with snow and drifts. Right now both he and Peanut just poop wherever and then we scoop it out. When it thaws out though I’ll definately be trying to get him to go in ONE spot.


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