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I know, corny title. But I didn’t like Lucky Life. 😉

Prepare for some CHEESE in this post, just sayin. I’m a little embarrassed to post it, but whatever. It is what it is.

Today I got to go to a National Prayer Luncheon on base.

The National Anthem was sang, military members all stood at attention, civilians peppered the mix with hands over their hearts, beautifully dressed service men stood as still as stone while holding the flag for us to show our allegiance to, prayers were prayed, songs were sung, inspiring speeches given, and good conversations had over a delicious catered lunch.

I stood there during The National Anthem and just stared at how beautiful the stance is of a military member standing at attention, and it gave me chills – as it always does.

I thought “how lucky am I that I get to live a life where I get to witness this sort of thing? this kind of beauty and reverance? this kind of dedication?” If you’ve never seen a room full of service men and women standing at attention, you have no clue what you’re missing.

One of my favorite things when Jake was a recruiter was his annual awards banquets that we’d go to. Not being stationed on a base, it was one time of year where we would be surrounded by other Airman and spouses and all had a commonality between us. My favorite part of the banquet was the traditions upheld…. the singing, the pledges, and the table set for POW/MIA service members. I never failed to cry as they set that table and lit that candle. I was kind of hoping they’d do that today. 😉

The military life comes with so many struggles and heartaches that mainstream America doesn’t understand, and can’t. But it also comes with breath taking moments that make you stand tall and proud, and feel so very blessed that you get to witness such beauty.

Just some random pics from Air Force Base websites. 😉


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Brandy. I am always touched when the National Anthem is sung, too. Our nation has been so blessed. It physically hurts me to see how disrespectful people have become toward our flag, our military and our God. I’m glad you got to enjoy such an uplifting day.

  2. Yes! I know exactly how this feels. I cannot ever hear The National Anthem without crying anymore. Not even while watching football games on tv. And don’t even get me started on when I hear that someone is coming home from war. I have been to a few of those homecomings and departures. The emotion that these brave strong men and women are holding in when they are lined up being accounted for prior to getting on a bus to be taken away from their families, facing things that are truly unimaginable until they are there. And then the overcoming joy of when those same buses pull back up forever later bringing them home. So strong and powerful. For me it was as emotional as birth or death. I am so thankful that I get to experience these things so that I never take the military for granted. Or the sacrifices that they and their families make. And the real reasons behind them…..It’s not oil or political agenda. It’s about people, protecting and helping those who are weak, loving others before yourself. Defending so that we may believe in Christ and learn whatever we desire.

    Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Ephesians 5:2

    And, the military brought me you 🙂

  3. I do miss the formal ceremonies. I am in awe of how everything is so technical and synchronized. Looks very cool. Whenever I see basic training shows on tv or military formations going on somewhere I have to stop and watch. It just fascinates me. Oh, and ANY time I see anything about Soldiers coming home I can’t hold back tears. Especially the daddy’s hugging their babies. Gah. I still remember that very real, very raw feeling of missing Tanner and worrying about him when he was TDY, and then that overwhelming feeling of relief that washed over me every time he would come back home safely. I will never forget that. And to the families that still live that reality on a daily basis, they have my utmost respect and admiration.


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