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Family Day

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We skipped church this morning in favor of having a chill morning/day at home since the last week was so insanely busy…. there wasn’t one day we spent at home all together. Everyone was going in different directions and it was grating on the boys. Plus, yesterday was crazy with getting the new dog and a birthday party and so on…. SO, family day.

Jake wanted everyone to head into town and go to Ruby Tuesday’s together and then Walmart for a few things, but the boys opted for Awanas instead! YEAH! They went with a friend, while we headed into town and picked them up just as they all got home from Awanas. Perfect!

I’m struggling with my super sensitive self tonight and letting things that have been said or done grate on me more than they should. I hate when I do that.

It snowed a bit today… a couple inches maybe. And I was just thinking yesterday how nice it was to drive around on PAVEMENT again instead of packed snow and ice. haha! Even still, I can’t help but wish for a really good blizzard before the season is over. Don’t stone me, but I think they’re fun! 😉

Alright, off to straighten up from the day. Tomorrow we’re meeting with a few other homeschoolers for a 5 senses project. 😉 Fun stuff!


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  1. Sorry you’re having trouble with your “sensitive self” — been there, done that…it can be hard. Probably just need to let it go though…and move on! ;o) Love you!

  2. YAY!! for family days. Struggling today with sending mine off for 7 hours to work since Tony is TDY. I do not like having to rely on others to help take care of my kids.

  3. Beautiful rambling in this post, Brandy…..
    & I hate when I’m super sensitive, too. You been to the gym lately? (not asking for the waistline, but for the mind.)

    • girrrl, I haven’t been to the gym AT ALL. Yeah, that whole agreement we had about me going 3x a week doesn’t pan out to work so well. Gotta figure something else out. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!! 😉

      Good to see you here!


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