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Today was a whirlwind!! I literally feel like we were spinning wheels like crazy all day today and I’ve only just now sat down to really think. I am exhausted.

We added a new member to our family today. His name is Remi.

Say hello….

Hmmm…. that didn’t come out very big now did it?? Oh well. I’m too tired to fix it. 😉

We’re very excited (and nervous!) about this new member of our family. Jake has been wanting a hunting dog for MONTHS, and now will actually have to learn how to train a hunting dog. 😉 I’ve been wanting a friend for Peanut (I was thinking more his size but oh well haha), however Peanut isn’t very thrilled with the new friend we picked for him. It’s a love hate relationship. Remi loves to play with Peanut and Peanut hates it. We’re hoping they figure it out. Seriously. We’re nervous because well… it’s another dog, and if you’ve ever owned a dog, you know what getting a new dog is like. A lot of changes and adjustments. A committment. There’s that word again……..

Now I’m off to enjoy the quiet since the boys are all in bed and the dogs are seperated for now. They needed some quiet time too. ha!


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