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Okay, so I didn’t love the twitter-esque theme so much so I went back to “normal.” That leaves a BUNCH of mini posts without normal titles. Sorry ’bout that. Not sure I’ll fix it because that would take too much time. And we all know how much free time I have, right? 😉 Right. I can barely post at a normal rate, let alone go back and edit titles. Lame.

While I’m here I might as well update you a little bit…..

Guess what? I turn 29 this weekend. I keep thinking I’m turning 30 and have a mild heart palpitation and remember I still have a year before that sets in. 😉 Jake however turned 31 on Monday and I enjoyed laughing at him.

Aidan turned 5 last Saturday. Yes, November is a big month in our family. We had a big ‘ole party for him, where he became completely overstimulated and retreated to his room screaming that no one who was here was actually his friend and he didn’t know why they came. *sigh* Then he slowly reintegrated back into his own birthday party and successfully finished out the festivities. Minor bump in the road.

Speaking of bumps in the road with Aidan, last week he had his IQ test, today he had his TOVA test (google TOVA, it’s too late and I’m too tired to link it, sorry!) and on the 19th we find out if Aidan has any form of cognitive disabilities….or is just an extremely angry headstrong stubborn violent child. Heaven help me if I’m wanting a diagnosis that will help us help him. It’s getting worse by the week and I’m crying far too much over things that should be simple….and my other children are witnessing far too much of their brother trying to beat the crap out of their mother when he’s mad. If they tell me that’s normal and he’s just a willful child….. I might admit myself in for some medication. Again. Oy. It also makes me want to just fold him up like a newborn and hold him and protect him and keep whispering that everything is fine and I’m going to take care of him…. but trust me, if I did that, he’d punch me in the face. Not even kidding.

Homeschooling has been severely side tracked because I crumble under stress. See above paragraph again. 😉 Hoping I get my crap in gear sooner rather than later.

Jake has just finished up an extremely stressful 10 days of working nonstop 12 shifts AT NIGHT and sleeping all day. It’s been fun times in the Hawkins House, let me tell ya! Actually, I’m not gonna tell ya because it’s a lot and I’m tired and none of it is enjoyable to read. A lot of messy rooms, messy kitchen, laundry, crying, pleading, maybe a night of a few drinks so I could relax (LOL), and a lot of SKYPING with my pal in the mornings to get my psyched for the day. Or just to have some other adult to “hang” with. Sad that that had to happen through SKYPE. haha!

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. It’s midnight. I’m leading MOPS in the morning. Oh crap, and I have to cook up the sausage for the egg casserole in the morning. CRAP. Maybe I’ll do that in the morning……… Probably need to put some Starbucks in the fridge so it’s nice and cold in the a.m.!


Oh yeah, also found a super cool new blog tonight…..which I blame for me wasting an hour tonight instead of putting away the laundry or cooking that sausage. Check it out yourself…. looking forward to reading more of it…when I have hours to spare. Wonder if I can parlay that into any homeschooling???? No? Bummer.

Oh shoot, here it is….I almost forgot. ha! It’s called SINGLE DAD LAUGHING. Very interesting stuff!


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  1. Praying for Aiden and the fam.

    But seriously, all the cool people are born in November.

  2. Had no idea Jake was like a year older than me. Always thought both of you were younger than me and Tanner. I’m learning lots of things today.


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