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Updates from today include: Hawkins N …

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Updates from today include:

Hawkins Not sure how I’m going to get through today on less than 4hrs sleep (went to bed late and then COULD NOT fall asleep for HOURS!!!) but dangit I’ve got a bottle of starbucks in my fridge that is going to help me!! ;o) Love my precious Aidan James and am so excited for him to enjoy his day! Already opened some presents w…ith daddy before the sun came up today! haha!

I *think* everything is good to go for this afternoon! Cupcakes baked, house decorated, boys dressed (almost, Owen is refusing), balloons blown up, house semi-clean (LOL!), and now to go finish my makeup and hopefully breath for a few minutes! I have one excited 5yo boy on my hands strumming like crazy on his new geetar. ;o)

Aidan’s party went awesome! Had a bit of a meltdown from the Birthday Boy b/c there was so much going on, so he hid out in his room for a bit and then slowly reintegrated to his own party. LOL Pictures to follow tomorrow! Now off to a yummy Tastefully Simple taste testing party! ♥ Thanks to all our friends who came to celebrate with us today! ♥

Also, SO glad for daylight savings time tonight……. I need that extra hour of sleep!!!


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