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From the very first signs of a cold in our house…. I know we’ll all be down for the count for no less than a week. Usually it’s about 2 weeks from the first one to fall to the last.

And the timing for this round couldn’t be worse! We’re in the middle of an amazing week of warm weather…. uncharacteristically warm weather. It’s been in the 80’s some days! This after a couple weeks that didn’t make it out of the 40’s. I would love to be out enjoying the sunshine, letting my kids play in sprinklers, and getting their last little bit of energy out before our long winter sets in. Last little bit of energy?? I’m sorry…. they never have a LAST little bit of energy. But I’d rather they be outside than in! 😉

I woke up not feeling so hot, but after slopping together a fast snack like breakfast and setting all the kids up on the couch with a movie, I went back to bed. I won’t even tell you how late I slept. Then after lunch we all went back to bed. Apparently I slept so hard I never knew Jake came home and let the older two out of their rooms. Good thing because apparently I needed the sleep!

Now to make dinner for everyone and go back to bed shortly thereafter. Hopefully this won’t amount to what it usually does and I can kick it before it really begins! If only the boys would start showing signs of getting over it soon. *sigh* I hate when they’re sick.

The long winters I can handle. Cold and flu season….. not so much. 😐


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