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True Colors Shining Through?

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For our last MOPS meeting we had the moms take a True Colors Personality Assessment. Quite interesting. I took it after since I worked in a room and the results BUGGED me. They still do.

Almost everyone I know thought I’d be a Gold. I knew I’d be a Blue even though I didn’t want to be a Blue. Blue annoys me. Mostly because I annoy myself. Other Blues don’t bug me so much (okay, yes, sometimes they do b/c I notice things about myself in them) but I.DO.NOT.WANT.TO.BE.A.BLUE.

What’s a Blue you ask?


  • Sensitive To Needs Of Others.
  • Sincere. Expresses Appreciation.
  • Cooperative. Collaborative. Creative.
  • Caring. Team Builder And Player.
  • People Person. Engages Others.
  • Artistic. Inspirational. Spiritual.
  • Inclusive. Mediator. Peacemaker.
  • Idealistic. Intuitive. Romantic. Loyal.
  • Seeks Unity And Harmony. Caretaker.

And what’s a Gold?


  • Respects Authority Rules, Routines, Policies.
  • Alligant, Faithful, Dependable, Prepared, Efficient.
  • Remembers The Traditions That Work. Values Family.
  • Work Comes Before Play. Practical. Systematic. Orderly.
  • Identifies With Groups. Strives For A Sense Of Security.
  • Thorough, Sensible, Convential, Proper.
  • A Right Way To Do Everything. Stick-To-Itivness.
  • Evaluates Actions As Right Or Wrong.
  • Stable. Organized. Punctual. Helpful.

It confused me why so many people thought I’d be a Gold instead of a Blue. If you know me well and I’ve trusted you enough to be vulnerable around you, you know I’m Blue to the core. But I give off the Gold hoping it will compensate for the Blue parts I don’t like. Which parts don’t I like? People person, mediator, peacemaker, romantic, seeks unity and harmony, caretaker. There are other definitions that say that Blue’s are emotionally driven and make choices based on emotions. I don’t like that either.

So in my efforts to NOT be so…… BLUE…… I come across as Gold. Pretty much everything that equates to Gold I admire, so I strive for that. And it’s not true to me. Being GOLD on the outside when I’m BLUE on the inside leaves me…. mixed up. hurt. misunderstood. confused.

Why have I done this?

Blue’s don’t get respect as much as Gold’s do.

Blue’s make irrational choices based on feelings.

Blue’s tend to bend over backwards to accomodate others. Gold’s don’t.

Blue’s are called Drama Queen’s and are seen as overly emotional and can’t control themselves.

Blue’s are NEVER taken seriously and have to work harder in order to be.

I hate being BLUE.

But dang it, being treated like I’m Gold hasn’t been good for my Blue heart.

(sorry for speaking in color codes! ha!)


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  1. I think the description of blue is who I would WANT to be. I think it describes me. I am emotional, but I’d rather love people and forget rules 😉

    • If I could be “Gitz-Blue” I’d be totally fine with my hue! 😉

      Do you find that being a Blue lends you to being hurt more easily? I have, and I don’t know how to change that. I think it just goes with that super sensitive spirit we have…… that I rarely show people on the outside anymore.

  2. I took the quiz, my highest was also blue, but second highest was gold… interesting, Brandy!

  3. Brandy,

    It’s funny, I thought about you when we were talking about the results. My first instinct was, Brandy’s a gold, but after a half second, I realized, actually, I didn’t think you were gold, you would be blue. Guess I was right 😀 On both counts!

    I’m a gold, and there are SO many things about golds that I wish I wasn’t, and so many things about blue that I wish I WAS. Blue is my next one, but way far away. Blues know how to truly love, and yes, they get hurt a little more, and people may not always take them seriously. But they are TRUE friends. Golds are bossier, more self-absorbed and so often miss when a friend is in need. It’s hard for me to be willing to stop by busy life for unexpected interruptions, even when it’s as important as a friend in need. I hate that.

    I think you are perfect as a blue, with a little gold mixed in… 😀


  4. So I definitely would have thought you to be a blue. And in a totally awesome way. In a way that I am not and sometimes wish I could be. I am not a vulnerable person in the least and find it really hard to open myself up emotionally to others. It is one of my favorite things about you that you are so honest about your feelings. I say, let the blue shine through, but I also understand the desire to be more gold. For me, it would be more about the organizational skills that golds have. I am the opposite (orange) and always put play before work. Which yes, is way more fun, but way less reliable.

  5. “Blue’s don’t get respect as much as Gold’s do.”

    Don’t tell that to “old blue eyes”, Frank Sinatra for you young folk.

    I don’t see any difference in a heart of gold, or one that is true blue.

    I think we are all rainbow colored. We chose a color each day to match how the world is treating us that day.

  6. When I read the traits for “blues” I did think that those were so “Bran” — but you know what…I don’t remember thinking ANY negative thoughts about those traits in connection with YOU!
    Remember kiddo…these are just “surveys” that are supposed to help us know ourselves better and learn to work from our strengths….they aren’t meant to be used as tools to beat ourselves up!!
    And I noticed from your friends’ comments that (true to human nature) everybody has things about themselves they don’t like — no matter their color! (I don’t even KNOW what color I would be, and there are plenty of things about myself I don’t like!) The Lord made you the person you are…He fashioned you in your mother’s womb to be the woman you are even now! Use the traits He gave you to be the BEST you can be — you have so many friends and family members who love and appreciate for those EXACT traits! ;o)
    I know there are always areas we can (and probably should) try to improve in — we all have those too. With the Lord’s help we can make those improvements…but meanwhile…praise Him for who you are — we all love HER! ;o)

  7. Wow I guess the parts I don’t like about myself would be Gold and the parts I WISH I could be would be Blue. Funny how that works. (Is there a THIRD color perhaps?!?) I’m not a warm nurturing person. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I find that I wish that caring nature just “clicked” for me. To some extent there’s almost a comfort in seeing that people naturally tend to be a certain way-even in spite of their best efforts at times…..I guess cause that makes me feel a lil less inadequate. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that whether we are Gold or Blue (or type A/B or a nerd/free spirit-as Dave Ramsey calls em) is that we can LEARN from our opposites to try and strike a balance between the two. Understand God gave us our particular “bend” for a reason but be teachable enough to try and find your happy medium.

    What Chelsea said was perfect for me. I love and hate it at the same time. That Blues “are TRUE friends. Golds are bossier, more self-absorbed and so often miss when a friend is in need. It’s hard for me to be willing to stop my busy life for unexpected interruptions, even when it’s as important as a friend in need. I hate that.” Thats me. And I always feel compelled to apologize for myself, to an annoying extent. Hopefully you love me, in spite of me. Cause I love you to pieces, and I don’t see you as lacking in anything, flaws and all.

    Incidentally, I’m terribly curious about this test. I may want to take it myself and see what else it has to say about me.


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