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My mind is sort of a swirl of STUFF the last few days.

STUFF that needs to be done.

STUFF I need to get in order for STUFF to be done.

STUFF I need to get rid of.

STUFF I am waiting on that I wish would hurry and get here. I’m not a fan of waiting.

See, STUFF. And thats just a little bit of STUFF.

On the bright side, I took my own advice and scaled back a little on some STUFF. Whether it’s good or bad or otherwise I don’t know….. all I know is that I now have less STUFF on my plate.

STUFF. *sigh*

So why do I feel…… I don’t know…. like I should be doing more. It’s crazy right?! For some reason we buy into this idea that if we’re not constantly busy with THINGS and STUFF we’re not doing enough. It’s a delicate balance, and for me, well… I was never good at the balance beam.

I need to relish in the fact that I now have a few more free days, a few more free hours, and less STUFF to worry about managing. Maybe in those “free” hours I can focus on the STUFF that actually means something to my family…..

like their clothes being all washed and put away
or the dishes being done
and dinner being made nicely
lets not forget the towels all being washed
and clean sheets on the bed
or the time to sit with the boys and do whatever they choose
and getting to bed ontime
or the option to instead hang out with Jake late one night
oh, and read a mindless book for myself

That is the kind of STUFF I would rather spend my time doing.

Then I think “How fortunate am I that I get to choose my STUFF?”

Not everyone gets to choose whether they will work or stay home.
Not everyone gets to choose to opt out of something they don’t like doing in order to do more of what they do like doing.
Not everyone gets to spend their entire day with their family (and not everyone wants to).

So, no matter my STUFF, I am lucky girl and hope I never forget it or take it for granted.


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  1. hmmmmmm this sounds a bit like me sometimes.

    but, on a lighter note, Drew has grown fascinated with the show “Hoarders” — and I’m beginning to think I’m a mental hoarder! What do you think? πŸ˜‰

    • I think we’re more alike than we think, based on this and emails. LOL

      That show Hoarders freaks me out! 😯 Makes me want to purge!

      And yes, mental hoarder for sure…. you and me both lady. When you were doing that 800 words a day challenge I thought “I wouldn’t be able to stop at 800 words a day if I did that!” πŸ˜†

  2. This post elaborates on that comment I made about “committing to less commitments” cause I think that plugging that “extra” time into the family oriented things you just listed may just help you not feel compelled to commit to more things. Anyhow, I may have poorly worded this but hopefully, overall it makes sense.


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