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Homeschool Confession

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Okay so I’m only one entire week into it and I already have a confession. Well I have several but I’m only telling one today. πŸ˜‰

I knew when I decided to homeschool that I was giving up a LOT of potential free time. I knew I’d never have quiet times that lasted for more than 5 minutes. I knew I’d continue to struggle with keeping up on housework. Seriously people, I HATE housework. Hate it. BUT, I love it when I can do it unbothered and have it be perfected in one day and stay that way. Not gonna happen with three boys home all day everyday. It’s just not. And to be honest it never has happened. πŸ˜†

There were days though before I knew I’d homeschool during a time when I have up the hope of homeschooling when I’d sit and think “oh I can’t wait until they’re all out of the house ALL DAY LONG.”

There is a part of me that envies that free time. I realized the other day that I could have all three boys in school of some sort all day long right now if I wanted to. I could have SO MUCH FREE TIME to do whatever I wanted. I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with some of the things I’m overwhelmed with. My house would be clean….maybe. Well, it would be cleanER. Laundry would be done. My grocery shopping would be done without having to find a sitter or waiting until Jake comes home. Seriously, I am NOT taking all three with me. I’m not. I can’t. I would go insane. I know some do, but I refuse. That is one thing I refuse to do….take them all with me for the BIG grocery shopping. Little runs here and there, fine. The BIG shop, never. πŸ˜† I’m not that resilient.

So, that is my confession. I sorta kinda sometimes wish I had all this free time.

Even still, I’m so happy to watch and witness all that I get to everyday. And this challenges me more than anything else would…. and I honestly believe it will shape me into what God has planned for me. I’m capable of so much more than I do, and I know that, and this challenges me to rise to that.


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  1. As a mom who homeschooled for many years, and then put my kids back in school, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum. Today, however, was the very first day I had all 5 of my kids in school on the SAME day! My oldest is at college now, the 3 middle in elementary, and my youngest had her first day of preschool today. I thought I would be doing cart wheels after dropping her off, and running home to my amazingly silent house to relish in the silence I’ve been dreaming about for 17 years! It didn’t happen that way. At least not yet. I dropped her off, and barely contained my tears as I got in my car. I walked into my eerily quiet house, and heard….nothing. Not a thing. For the first time ever. I sat on the couch, and couldn’t stand it. So I went to the gym instead. lol! I eventually went 15 minutes early to wait for her to get done because I couldn’t stand it anymore! I don’t know what was harder, trying to homeschool all of them and not having 1 silent moment to myself, or having them all in school and having the sound of no children in the house at all! I’m sure I’ll get used to it….but wow. This season won’t last forever Bran….relish it while the grace and desire are filling you to the brim!

  2. Oh, Man, Brandy I do not take my kids with me to the grocery store for the “BIG” shop either. I don’t even take two for those kind of trips. Not sure what I am going to do soon when Dustin leaves for another 6-7 weeks. UGH! I am dreading it big time.

    Anyway, giving up the free time is one of the reasons I have decided NOT to homeschool. That and my oldest has a lot of serious educational issues. She has ADHD and cannot follow directions. Then my son has some issues too, not sure what yet, but we are about to undergo some testing here soon. He goes to the ped on monday. We think there is a possibility he has aspergers, not really sure…. I just know that he and I have MAJOR challenges and I don’t know what to do with him.

    OH wait, have I just highjacked your thread here? LOL. Sorry.

    Homeschooling is not for the weak! That’s for sure! I am so glad you are enjoying it…. I wanted to do it, but I just do not have the patience at this time. πŸ™‚

  3. Patience is learned through the trials of life-not amidst happy joy joy times! You are human and you’re allowed to feel that way-it passes my mind every once in a great while for only a brief second b/c I too wouldn’t trade it for the world to be with my girls for the short time I have to care, nurture them, and raise them to be competant God fearing adults by the time they leave the house! they aren’t there yet, so it’s not time for me to have “free time’. but that’s the part of knowing your boudaries so you can make date nights with hubby, you find supportive friends that will let you have a few moments to yourself-especially when hubby isn’t around to help watch them. You relish those and you manage your time wisely before they wake up and after they go to bed! Use those times to build yourself up in God’s Word to be confident that every move you make you make with God’s purpose in mind-not our own! Been there done that-you’re ok in admiting this! You’re doing great girl!

  4. I think you are focused very well and very realistic. You will do well. I would recommend you figure in some “Brandy time” (not alcohol! lol) !! take a break when you can figure out a way.

  5. Papa is the most honest person I know, so if he says you are doing a great job, I believe him, and so should you.

    Raising three children must be a hand full, even if you were not homeschooling them. We all do need some alone time, which as you write is next to impossible with DAO around.

    Also we Americans live in a fast paced world, filled with “to do” list, especially you young people, anyone under 60 πŸ™‚ . Our society just doesn’t program us to relax.

    We are all capable of doing more, but if we try to do everything, all the stress will just make us sick, and we won’t be able to do anything.

    At least I hope your homeschooling is more fun than work.

  6. Sorry about not replying to everyone! πŸ˜‰

    You all have great advice though, thank you. I love that you took the time to share it with me!

  7. I must add another perspective here. Tate’s in school all day. I do have free time…..but do I make the most of it? Hardly ever. One thing I know about myself which I’ve mentioned before is that I may not like structure but it’s the best thing for me. Yet another reason that homeschooling might be great for me. It’d force me into more structure. Remove me from the “option” to be irresponsible with my time. Make any sense?

    I guess I’m saying this to throw in the “grass is never greener” side. I bet you are right where you need to be right now and I have no doubt that you are doing the very best you can, perfect or not, it still gets every ounce of the credit.


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