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Sometimes I wonder what you think…..

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You who read this. And I know today you’re all FB peeps b/c my blog stats told me so. 😉 I guess that’s what happens when you link to your own blog announcing that you’re “back in the saddle again.”

But I saw some of the posts you read and I wondered, “what do they think now?”

-did you think one of us had an affair when you read the “Breaking My Silence” post? And the quick and easy and undetailed and not so simple answer to that is no.

-when you read “oh blah dee” did you want to ask me questions about my time on medication because maybe you’re taking it too and you’re afraid to tell someone? Or maybe you were relieved to know someone else who has been there? And P.S. that post is my most popular…. apparently people google that song EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. multiple times a day and google sends them my way. They are sorely disappointed I’m sure. 😆

-did your opinion of me change when you read “I’m Sorry” and maybe decided I might be sort of a snob? You wouldn’t be the first to think so unfortunately.

-for those who read “A Special Visit” I am sure you thought I was insane inviting strangers to stay overnight in my home. All I have to say to that is, just because you’ve never met face to face doesn’t make you strangers. Those people are heart family to me and I love them. I hope everyone experiences a friendship where people you’ve never met pray for you by name for your specific hurts and cry over them for you, just as Jim and Judy have done for me.

-I don’t know what anyone might be wondering about my tennis post, but I’m sure if you don’t know my life story you’re wondering something. Don’t be afraid to ask!

-and naturally there are probably some who wonder why on earth I am homeschooling my three boys, willingly attaching myself to them 24/7 without any extended breaks….. well, there is no quick answer to that. You’ll just have to hang around and see if I ever explain why. 😆

I always wonder what the silent lurkers are thinking when they read, but even moreso knowing that everyone who read one of those posts and more today are my FB friends…… makes me laugh a little actually. 😆

Welcome, I hope you liked it here.


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  1. I’m thinking that I didn’t know you had a blog until you posted this one on FB. And I’m thinking that I never read blogs (except this entry of course) . I’m thinking that I’m way too private (or stuffy) to ever have a blog. And I’m thinking most that this blog amused me (in a good way). Oh, and I have never thought you were a snob, but I didn’t read the I’m Sorry one so maybe you were in that. 😉

  2. Ok, so I went and read I’m Sorry and no, you didn’t sound anything like a snob. It was beautifully written.

  3. Lori I love you! haha! You crack me up! LOL! 😆

  4. Jim & Judy enjoyed visiting with your family very much I am sure. Just out “lurking” today!!

  5. I don’t remember thinking anything other then I enjoy your posts! 🙂

  6. I look forward to reading the posts you mentioned on today’s Journey Back In Time.


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