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Sight Words and The Alphabet

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Today I started out kind of simple. I did that for a couple of reasons.

#1 being that I very poorly planned our first day of school as being the day before our first MOPS meeting of the year. Not the smartest thing to do. That’s like planning to open a new business the day before your wedding. Not smart and a LOT of work!

#2 is that we’ve also got some SUPER IMPORTANT COMPANY COMING  tomorrow as well, and I had a few things to do to get ready for them to stay the night with us. Also, I’m impressed I remembered how to link! 😆

So today was a lot of free play — which you’d be amazed at how much kids learn just playing with the right kinds of things and encouraging them to do different things with them. Like counting and grouping and organizing. That is my favorite part about the idea of doing homeschool this year…. making ANYTHING a lesson. Shoot, I taught Dylan to divide one morning using cracked eggs…. but he doesn’t know that’s what he was doing. 😉 aha! you say….

Dylan went over some sight words because I was worried about what he might not remember from last year. SHOCKINGLY, he remembered more than he didn’t….. I’d say out of the honkin pack of flashcards I had, he remembered 3/4 of the words. That’s awesome! And his handwritting is still quite nice. I placed a poster of cursive writing on the wall next to his desk since he leans more toward wanting to write in cursive. In Kindergarten they discouraged him from doing that (too early they said) but if he can do it and wants to, more power to him! The kid taught himself the basics of it, now he can work on fine tuning it.

Aidan went over his alphabet. I jumbled the letters so they were out of order, but he clearly isn’t ready for that yet. So, I put them back in order and went from there. He did very well like that. He also did a few things I remember Dylan doing when hew as his age. Instead of saying “Zoo starts with Z” he was saying “Z starts with Zoo” and “D starts with Dog” and so on. I totally remember Dylan doing that too. It’s cute.

My favorite part of today was literally watching the wheels turn in their head and seeing the excitement on their faces when they got something right on their own. I LOVE that I will be the one to witness that and encourage them along. Makes my heart happy!


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  1. Sounds like a really great start!! ;o) You’ll be learning right along with them! ;o)


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