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….. I thought I’d update really quick about the INSANELY busy life I’m apparently living. Feels insanely busy, but probably isn’t as much as I think. I’m sure once I get into the swing of things it’ll get more manageable, and then we’ll take our month long trip and I’ll start all over again.

Working at the coffee shop has been GREAT! I absolutely love it. I love being around it again, making drinks again, remembering the ropes, and the people…. being an avid people watcher this is pure entertainment for me. A different person every 2-3 minutes…. I love it. Jake and I were talking the other night about it and he asked how much it costs to start up this kind of business. He suggested we start putting away a fraction of our tax refund every year so that when he retires from the AF (10 more years at least) I can start my own (what I’ve wanted to do for almost 10 years now!) without getting loans to do it. So, that is my dream plan….we’ll see if we put it to practice starting next year though. I hope we do!

Dylan’s art was selected to be on display at two different events (one at the mall, another at the art museum in town) and he was the ONLY kindergartner out of four classes to be selected! When I found out I was SO PROUD of him! I only wish we had been notified in enough time to actually go and see it on display. They didn’t send out any information to the parents (at least, I didn’t get any!) and it was in the newsletter for THIS month….but the events were in March. 😐  If you follow me on FB you know I was NOT a happy mama! I’ve emailed his teacher (it was nice, I even had Papa look it over! haha!) and am waiting on her reply.

We are just a few weeks out from our trip home. We’ve planned and prepared about as much as possible without actually packing up and going…. the trailer is even here at the house so Jake can do some upkeep on it before we leave. The bummer deal is that it’s looking like we might need to buy new batteries AND a new tire for one side. That is a few hundred right there. LAME!

We are buying my moms van when we go home. We need it to bring my nieces back here with us anyway, and it would help us a lot now to have two vehicles. Before it made sense to have just one, but now with me working and being so busy with MOPS and the bible study I go to…. it just makes sense to keep it. We had intended on paying her for it monthly until we got our tax refund next year to pay her the rest in one lump sum, but she decided to just wait to pay her until then anyway. VERY NICE! That is a huge blessing and one less worry for us. Very excited about that. Not so excited about driving back here “by myself” even though I will be following Jake in the trailer. I’ve never driven that far (ever!) and done ANY of the driving. Jake never lets me drive. πŸ˜†

I am SO EXCITED for Dylan to be out of school! I feel like I have “senioritis” about him going this month since technically this is his last month considering we wont be here for May. It will make things so much easier for Jake on the mornings I work…and I won’t have to worry about asking my neighbor to take him to school those mornings. I’m a little nervous though about finding curriculum this summer for him to start in the fall. I’ve also been wondering WHEN we’ll start…. whether we start in August like schools here…or wait a bit longer. I feel like I want to wait a bit longer (not too long though) to give us time to prepare after the girls go back home and after my maybe trip in August.

My maybe trip in August…. Nashville again for the MOPS convention. I won’t know that though until about June or July really. I am way excited about that! I hope it works out!

Okay, I think that about wraps it up for now. I know I am forgetting stuff but this gets me up to speed. Sorry it’s a bit of a boring one! πŸ˜†


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  1. Brandy, great to see you have the kind of job you love. Having fun and getting paid for it.

    I like Jake’s vision for your future. Save up now so when your Air Force days are over, you will be able to live out your dream.

    Go Dylan! You may have a budding Picasso in your family.

    Going home for a whole month. It sounds like you are going to have an exciting summer. I hope the MOPS convention works out for you.

    Brandy, one word no one could use to describe you is boring. πŸ™‚

  2. Life is never dull Brandy. LOL !! You are doing fine. Anxious to see your family this summer!!

  3. I remember the artwork issue. Not cool. We find that the teacher/parent communication is crappy at Tate’s school as well. But I won’t even get on that soapbox.

    And here’s my Ode to Coffee moment. You, my friend, are the one who got me into Chai Tea. I’ll never forget it. Started quite the obsession in my life. But I still think back to those times and smile. Love you lady. Glad you got to revisit the life of a Barista, even if it was brief. What a great dream you have for your future. Something great to look forward to and I hope you get it one day.


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