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My 100 Things: 21-30

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21. Sometimes I lack the physical and mental energy it takes to make new friends. Moving every few years means making new friends every few years, and sometimes it gets old and tiring. After the new friends are made though, it’s always worth it.

22. I wish we could pick one place and stay for a long time. Long enough grow “roots” somewhere. Whatever “roots” are. I want them where I live.

23. But I don’t want to live where I have roots. We both agree that we don’t want to “retire” back in our hometown…. the closest we’d go back and actually live would be a few hours. Don’t ask why. We don’t know. 😕 As us again in 10 years and that answer could be totally different too.

24. I’m a big fan of spicy food, thanks to my first pregnancy. That is also when I decided I liked tomatoes and sour cream. And green peppers. And red peppers.

25. I am a REALLY loud laugher…. like, sometimes it’s obnoxious and I try very hard to be aware of it when I reach that level. But it’s hard. Because usually when I do reach that level of loud obnoxious laughing…I’m too far gone. Sorry if you’re ever around that. 😕 ha!

26. I’m discovering that I like leadership…even though it scares me. A lot.

27. I obsess about dying at times…. to the point of worrying a lot about my kids if it should ever happen while they are still young. And I don’t ever want them to be so young that they don’t remember me. It’s morbid. I know.

28. I make funny mouth noises when I think no one can hear me, only to realize that sometimes they can and then I have to explain myself. It’s not often, it’s just…. a thing.

29. I talk A LOT during movies. If I annoy you, just tell me…. you won’t hurt my feelings.

30. I am particularly bothered with people who commit to something, and then don’t do it “just because.” Like, an illness or emergency is one thing. Other reasons don’t count. I could use more grace in this area I think.

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  1. #27… I think about my funeral. I plan it all out in my head and have seriously thought about filming my own eulogy. I’m a bit of a control freak I think.

  2. In some ways you are exactly like my older sister Lindsey. It’s amazing. Other ways you are so like me. And yet other ways we are total opposites, yet I think our opposites compliment one another.

    I liked the laughing part. I have a totally embarrassingly loud laugh that I’m notorious for. I can’t help it. When it really gets me going it seems to come from my toes. But I love to laugh. Burns calories after all.

    And about laughing, I wish I could get you and I together with my British friend, Kara. We know how to laugh. It would be one heck of a good time that’s for sure.


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