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Thoughts from the bathroom floor…..

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as I laid on the floor of the bathroom last night shaking and praying “Please God spare me!” over and over, I had a few interesting thoughts…. even came up with a “rotovirus, rotovirus” poem. Fortunately I remember some of it….or UNfortunately, depending on how you look at it. 😕

Chemotherapy for instance was one thought. I thought of my grandma and all the times she had chemo treatments and how sick they made her. I thought of Jake’s cousin who had chemo back in December and as a mom how helpless that must feel to be that sick and not do the things that make you feel like a mom.

I thought about the person who designed the first toilet. Really, why that shape? Maybe I just have an ugly toilet though… it is quite ugly. Why not something more asthetic, easier to clean, different colors perhaps? Ya know, white shows EVERYTHING. 😕

I was grateful that just two days prior I had cleaned the bathrooms TOP TO BOTTOM so the fact that I was now laying on the floor with a sheet, pillow, and blanket didn’t bother as much as it would have three days ago.

Toilet paper holders… since I stared at one for a better part of the night I realized that we don’t even USE ours. Any of them really. We’re not toilet paper holder fans. In fact, all the little spinner things that actually go IN the toilet paper roll are all MIA. I would like to just fill in those holes in the wall and put the TP on the back of the toilet. Or a TP stand. Or pay someone to stand there and hold it for me. No? Yeah, NO. SOMETHING other than the roller though. Hate those things.

rotovirus, rotovirus

I hate you.

rotovirus, rotovirus

you make me feel so blue

rotovirus, rotovirus

won’t you go away

rotovirus, rotovirus

just how long will you stay?!

You give me the urge to purge

the noodles I had for dinner

and hug this ugly porcelin throne

while saying words that would make me a sinner!

rotovirus, rotovirus

they say you’re the quickest way

to lost those last 5 pounds and make me 1 size thinner!

rotovirus, rotovirus

will all due respect

I’ll keep my 5 pounds and size 8 jeans

I’d rather lose that weight by eating salad greens……

or something like that!

and that was about the extent of it. Thank goodness right?!  😯

Now I will hopefully attempt to shower and get dressed today and take care of a few things. The world doesn’t stop just because you spent the night on the cusp of throwing up. No no… laying on the bathroom floor all night doesn’t get you out of Mom-Duty either.

Where’s my sick leave? 😕


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  1. haha! everyone is a poet today.

    we have a tp stand / mini-cupboard thingy. no wall holders. its the best.

  2. Hey I’m a size 8 too right now! And I also just got over being sick for a week. Yuck. But thank God it wasn’t barffing, that’s the worst. Hope you feel better soon. Did you get your hair cut yet? I’m getting mine done hopefully next week. Oh and if you know more than one Faith I’m the one from Aleces 😉 I was praying for you the other night. Something I am really bad at I always say to people “hey I will pray for you” but then never do. So I’m trying ro get better at that and you came to mind the other day. Hope you feel better soon.

    • Thank you Faith! (FaithStart, no?) Prayers are always needed and always appreciated! Especially the surprise ones. 😉

      Yes, I did cut my hair and I have promised to try to get a picture up….sooner rather than later. 😉

      We are still sick here, some of us. Aidan is better, but now it’s me and Jake. Seems to be worse for me at night. blech!

  3. I hope you, and everyone else in your family that Mr. Rotovirus has been visiting, will get better quickly. My guess is that Mr. Rotovirus works for the “sneaky little bastard”. 🙂

    If you have lost some wait the hard way, this just gives you more room in your stomach for chocolate easter bunnies, or whatever your favorite Easter treat is.

    I hope your and your family have a very joyous Easter.

    • haha! ED! While you were posting on this I was reading a news article that I then sent to you. Funny. 😉

      I agree! Rotovirus is from the sneaky little bastard! 😆

      Thankfully we all seem to be recovered today. I’m glad for that so we can go to church this weekend! I was bummed at the thought of missing out on Easter sunday.

      Hope you have a great Easter too….with all those cats. 😯 😆


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