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We have an unwanted visitor

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So far, it’s just Aidan throwing up…. but in our family, it usually makes the rounds one at a time.

I’m nervous.

In all seriousness, I FEAR being sick very much. πŸ˜•

But back to Aidan. Poor kid can’t even keep down 2 tablespoons of pedialyte and he is crying to eat oatmeal. Breaks my heart.

Normally I’m the crazy psycho who takes a sanitzer bath if I’ve just been talking to someone who was with someone sick. But with my kids, I can’t stop myself. Still hugging and kissing and cuddling them as if they were in perfect health.

So I’m pretty sure I’m next.


Prayers Please??


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  1. I am laughing – let me explain! last night in Bed I was praying out loud and mama usually prays after Papa – I waited – no prayer from mama! She had fallen asleep! LOL !! We will both pray tonight !! Even If I have to wake her! Ha! Stay healthy little one!!

  2. Sorry to hear you are going through yet round of colds, virus, etc. I feel for poor Aiden, and hope this bug doesn’t decide to make the rounds of family.

    I guess one of the job descriptions of being a mother is nurse, without being paid the big bucks. πŸ™‚

    • eh, it’s already starting the rounds…. I’ve got a milder version of it. Thankfully though Dylan and Owen don’t have it. I keep praying they are protected from it!

      Aidan woke up famished this morning so I gave him a little bit of food….hoping that doesn’t turn out badly!

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