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Quick back story. I ordered a book through Amazon from a company I won’t name…. to save them SOME embarrassement. Rest assured though, I gave them a VERY poor rating.  About two weeks after I ordered that book, I ordered two more from other companies, also through Amazon. Those books arrived within a week….still I did not have the first book. So, I sent them an email asking where my book was. TECHNICALLY I still had a week before the latest date it could arrive, so they suggested I wait a week and then see. If it had still not arrived they would refund me. Apparently the company they ship with “does this on occasion.”  😕 I had initially said “actually, I really want the book so instead of a refund could you just attempt to send one again?” Well, I changed my mind a  week later after thinking about it a bit more. When the book STILL had not arrived, here is the email I sent them…. and their reply. 😯


I emailed you previously about the book I ordered and you suggested I wait until the 12th to see if it had yet arrived. Today is the 15th of March and it’s still not here. You suggested a refund before which is fine. I decided I don’t want to take my chances on you trying to send it again considering you said the company you ship with does this on occasion. Have you considered shipping with a different company? Sorry this didn’t work out, I’ll try and order elsewhere.

Thank You,
Brandy Hawkins
Order ID: 104-5127325-1829033
1 of What Your Child Needs to Know When

Here is their reply:

Okay. We have refunded your order.  poop.

POOP?!  Is it customary to end your BUSINESS EMAILS with POOP?! 😆

I sent this to a friend and she couldn’t even get through reading it without ending up in tears from laughing so hard. She was trying to read it to her husband. After about the third attempt he finally just read it himself. HILARIOUS. I tried telling Jake about it, and his response was “Poop? You mean, like CRAP?” 😕 


Where have I been you might ask? Well, some of you have asked, so I assume all who come here thinking they are stealth (I see you on my dashboard, yes I do!) are also wondering.

I’ve been busy, basically. I got a job. Two jobs sort of. One pays, one doesn’t. 😉 More about the one that doesn’t at a later time. The one that pays…. I applied at the coffee shop on base and got it. Why did I apply? Because I really miss working in a coffee shop actually. I’m not doing it for money (although the money will help when I start needing to buy homeschool books and supplies) or for “me time.” I just like the work. And they were hiring. So I thought “eh, why not?” We have the understanding though that if it doesn’t benefit our family, I’ll quit. Meaning, if the boys need to go elsewhere more often than maybe once or twice, I won’t do it. It works because Jake is home in the mornings, so I said I can ONLY work mornings.

Are you catching on?

They open at 5:30. That means I’ll be getting my butt that likes to sleep in up at 4am. So, I’m trying to acclimate myself before I actually start (next week). Today was 5:45. Tomorrow will be 5:30…. and so on. Early bedtimes are looking more glorious each day!


I know I still need to blog about how Jake came about on his decision to let us do homeschool next year. I promise, it’s coming.  For now, I will just say that the book So You’re Thinking About Homeschooling was a godsend and spoke more to Jake in 30 minutes of reading two chapters than I did in four years of nagging. I will ALSO say that it was a great lesson to me in being submissive to my husband, putting my trust in God, allowing God’s peace to live through me because I had the assurance that this would come to fruition…I just had to wait on God’s timing… and taught me the beauty of being humble and meek when my entire self fought against that.

Once again, looking back at a time that brought me anguish and heartache at times, I see God’s hand it in. When will I REALLY learn?? 😉


And that’s all I have time for now. Kiddos are starting to wake up. I hear their feet upstairs. 😆

I’ll leave you with this video a friend of mine suggested to me about homeschoolers. It is HILARIOUS! I was laughing through the entire thing! 😆 




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  1. Today was an “Oh Poop!’ Day for me!!!

  2. That video was too cute! Maybe someday you and the boys can make your own! ;o)
    …the name on the video was a little freaky for me though!
    Boy, I never get cool, weird notes like that from vendors! LOL!
    Which reminds me…I may have some books you can use too!

    love you!

  3. Yes, it was a little freaky reading the name. :-\ I always double take when I hear it. My friend (Ed who comments on here) told me that Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian and they are a homeschool family as well. haha!

    oooh, books you say???? 😀

  4. Tim Hawkins videos are hilarious! That was a great video! I home schooled for years (I’ve since been let out on good behavior! lol!)

    And the guy who wrote your “poop” note..was probably home schooled 😉 My kids are so not into being “politically correct” lol!

  5. Actually, it was a woman who wrote that note! 😆

    I’m excited about school next year, but also quite nervous and scared. It’s a big responsibility. While I know it’s not as daunting as it feels right now, getting past that won’t happen until we actually start. 😉

  6. “poop” email made me laugh so hard! thanks!

    how exciting you will be homeschooling your kids!


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