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I’m Sorry….

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….for everytime I lived my life contrary to what I believe

for the times when my overinterest in someone gave way to gossip

for the inner thoughts I had about being better than someone because I made “better” choices in my own mind

for not being gracious because I thought our paths would never cross again

for forgetting that He loves you too and is working on you just like He’s working on me

for not telling you about Him and offering you something life giving when I saw your need

for not speaking up when I witnessed wrong doing

for acting in a way that left you questioning who I really was and what I really believed in

for ignoring the nudge to embrace you and ask how your day is….

…. I am guilty of all these things and more.

I have been heavily convicted in my heart the last few weeks about all of these things. It has made me more mindful of how I am viewed by others, and therefore how God in my life is portrayed by myself and my actions… or inactions.

I’ve always hated the phrase “when you know better, you do better” because I know it’s true…. and I naturally have a hard time doing what I know I should do as opposed to what I want to do.

I sense a big time of change ahead for me. Mostly change in my character and how I choose to live my life…. seen and unseen.


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  1. This is beautifully written…and makes me feel convicted myself! I need to print a copy so I can read it all the time!

    love you!

  2. Brandy, my list is longer than yours. Just focus on doing better today, and in the future, we can’t rewrite the past.

    Every minute spend thinking about past mistakes, is one less minute we spend working on becoming better.

  3. i love you.

    doing this with you, and we all fall down, we just need to remember to get made my heart happy just this very minute!

  4. You amaze me and I am so glad to see you everytime I come back here.

  5. I love your heart Little One!!

  6. oooh I am not the only one up right now??? 😉

  7. Brandy….this touched my heart…I think it’s the song Jesus is trying to sing through many of us. Thank you for giving Him voice. Love you.

  8. Love you and miss you too! 😉

  9. Ok, I need to print this too, and begin adding to it on my own. WOW, girl. That’s all I got to say about that!

  10. So many truths in this.

    And once again, seeing parallels in our lives.


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