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I have good news. Jake said I can homeschool next year!

However, I really want to put all the details of this entire journey into a post, but I’m having trouble finding the time to sit down and process it all into what it needs to be.

Right now we’re busy “spring cleaning” since it’s warmed up the high 30’s!


My windows and doors are even open. That’s how much this feels WARM to us. haha!

So, until I get a chance to sit down and THINK, I’ll still be stewing on a post.

I can say now though, that I am SO STINKING HAPPY and since he told me I’ve been on cloud 9. I feel like so much stress was lifted, and am now just so excited for September!


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  1. Happy to see you are getting your wish Brandy. Good luck with your Home Schooling project. I am sure it will be challenging, but the most rewarding things in life are often the most challenging.

    I also opened my windows today to the warmer air that heralds Spring. In my case that means temps up to 60. The winters of ND are another one of life’s challenges you have had to deal with. 🙂


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