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As usual, I am behind on my bible study. While I love it and love that it forces me to open my bible and really study, I also prefer to be so immersed in a book that I don’t have to put it down to look something up…. so I tend to read many other things instead. This morning while waiting for my appointment (biopsy of dark spots on my back. I know, ew.) God gave me half an hour to wait and catch up. So I started at chapter 7 (this weeks group focus) even though I’ve yet to do 3-6. 😐 Yeah, I fall far behind. However, I needed to hear (read) what was in this lesson.

I often think of discretion as hiding something, or covering something up. I think of dressing discretely, or keeping the family secret. I don’t often think of discretion in terms of our thoughts or our actions. Probably because I lack discretion, which was blindingly obvious to me today.  I’ve always been an “open book” and a fan of laying it all out. I noticed too that discretion can apply to our anger, and how quick we are to become angry. As I said in another post, I struggle with anger a lot, and clearly lack discretion in this area. I don’t often think before I speak. Actually, I do think before I speak, they just aren’t wise thoughts. According to the bible, I have the makings of a fool and when I open my mouth too soon, I prove this.

I’m not saying I’m a babbling idiot though either (some might disagree!).  I just could definately use more discretion in my thoughts, in my actions, in how I handle my anger, just to name a few things. One verse talked about being idle…. in other words, being lazy. I think idle might be my middle name somedays. I’m seeing more and more that discretion covers a multitude of actions, not just in how we dress or the big family secret, but also how we choose to spend our time.

Using discretion is using wisdom when making choices, Godly wisdom, thinking on our thoughts and our actions through the lense of what the bible says about each situation we find ourselves in, each conversation we take part in, even in each choice we make concerning what we choose to wear. This chapter of the study has definately convicted me and shown me where I lack discretion in my character. In my pursuit of Becoming A Woman Of Excellence, I have realized that discretion is a huge stumbling block for me, and something I need to practice and be more mindful of.


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  1. Glad to see you got something accomplished while waiting for the doctor. An hour and a half is why too long, but probably normal by today’s standards.

    Discretion to me starts with stopping to think about what the effect will be, before I do, or say something. My failed relationships demonstrate my lack of discretion in the past.

    Good luck with your Bible Study. I must be hard making the time with your busy schedule. You do need to find a better excuse than visits to the doctor’s office. 🙂

  2. yep. you just described one of my big issues. WHY am i like that? Must have been something I learned or didn’t learn growing up. I am known for just saying exactly what comes to mind. Problem is, sometimes, that’s not always best. I really need to work on that area. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  3. Wow Bran. This post spoke to me.

    I definitely need to work on my discretion. And sadly enough if I had my nose in my bible more as I should, this as well as many other issues would probably not be AS much of an issue for me.

    I’m interested in this study you are doing. I think it’s something I need in my life right now.


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