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Manic Monday

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Yes, today is manic monday for me. Here’s why:

My house, disaster.

1.5 hours, someone coming over.

Me, not showered.

My kids, one still in jams and still stinking from his just changed dirty diaper.

My husband, sleeping because he’s still on 12’s. 12’s make your life miserable. Just sayin.

My anxiety, through the roof because I’m still a little crazy like that.

My ultrasound results, came in today as normal but things are clearly NOT normal. Going back in this week.

Tomorrow, biopsy of some dark spots/moles on my back.

Right now, wishing it was May.

In 5 minutes, will be cleaning while listening to some Christy Nockels.Β  (give it a listen!)



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  1. manic monday is right. shees, bran muffin! i love you.

  2. I compromised with myself….
    cleaned the entry way, downstairs bathroom, and living room. Left the rest of the house since it’s unseen from those places and company and I stayed in living room. haha!
    I also opted for the super fast shower, quickie makeup, and air dry hair.

    Can’t do much about tomorrow though. So NOT looking forward to them “cookie cutting” my back. 😯

  3. oh and p.s. Love you too. πŸ˜‰

  4. Since it’s tomorrow as I type this I hope you got some sleep, because you certainly had a manic Monday.

    I suspect with DAO to take care of normal isn’t a word in your vocabulary.

    I use the cleaning technique similar to the one in your reply to Alece’s comment. Three of the four rooms in my condo are pretty clean looking. My second bedroom has become my storage/junk closet. I just open the door and throw stuff in. It’s getting a little hard to even open the door now. πŸ™‚

    Hope all your test come back clean, and you don’t have to wait long for the results.

  5. Ed, the biopsy was quite gross. πŸ˜† The worst part was the injection to numb me, but knowing what they were doing while it was numb was more than I could bear. I have a weak stomach. ha!

    Today is the kitchen….one room a day. At that rate I think I’ll have a completely clean house in…oh….say…. another week. haha!

  6. Brandy, I hate needles myself. The worst part of my yearly examine is the blood sample.

    Hope they don’t keep you waiting too long, and results come back clean.


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