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Cabin Fever

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When we moved here we absolutely LOVED the weather. Granted, it was one of the best summers Minot has ever had…so I’ve been told. Then the winter came, and we were also told that was THE worst winter they’ve ever had….yet we loved it!  Then came last summer, oddly cold and never really got HOT. It was still enjoyable though, I’m a fan of mild weather all around. This winter has not been bad really, and quite honestly we look forward to the snow. Where we come from (Oregon!) it doesn’t snow like it does here. We’re lucky to get a dusting or maaaaybe an inch on the Valley floor. That’s what happens when you live surrounded by mountains…. you live in Valleys. So, being here for winters has been quite mesmerizing and we feel like little kids when we get all excited about the snow falling.

But it’s March now. And it’s still here. Only now it’s not pretty and fluffy and sparkling white. It’s a greyish blackish color. It’s gross. And wet. Really wet. Which leaves snowpants and jackets and hats and gloves of three little boys STINKING on a regular basis. Even I have my limits, and I think I’ve reached it. Cabin fever is at its all time high this season and I’ve lost my giddy feeling at the site of white.

I used to be really diligent (read: obsessed) about what/how much tv/movies the boys watched…. but seriously folks, starting our 6th month of winter makes you throw all preconceived notions about that out the window. FAR FAR OUT THE WINDOW. It happened last winter, and it’s happening now. My boys, BOYS, are obsessed with this movie…..

And I can’t say no considering I’m quite obsessed with it myself.



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  1. Like you Brandy I am ready for the first burst of Spring weather, and the reappearance of Robins and Daffodils.

    Our winter is not as bad as yours, no below zero temps, and our snow fall is measured in inches, not feet.

    Singing and dancing are fun ways to cope with the winter blues, but dancing among the flowers of spring is even better. 🙂

  2. I’m with you on the brown snow deal. It is indeed quite gross. And I can’t wait to be past this slushy stage. (BBQ!!!) Be encouraged, friend. Spring’s right around the corner. For now, I just thought I’d let you know we’re making an extra effort to get out of the house and shake off our four-wall-crazies. Let me know if you wanna join us!

  3. Ed, Mama and Papa are coming for a visit in August, you should join them and we can all dance together eh? 😉

    Erin, hey! SURE! What are you up to?
    BBQ sounds great….we have a big fire pit and there’s already talk of us “reopening” from friends. haha!
    (p.s. loved the “I’m counting on God” song this morning!)


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