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I am in love…..

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….. with Jane Austen. To think, I’ve lived 28 years and never known a thing about her other than the fact that she was a female author. Didn’t even realize she wrote Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, or Emma…. not that I’ve read them. Does seeing the movies count? No? Shame. It’s odd considering how much I read and how much I will focus on one period of time, or genre, or author even. Disgraceful really!

This weekend I watched Becoming Jane which is entirely about her life and reveals the sources for many of her characters in her novels….which, by the way, I now  intend on reading every single of of them. This year.

I watched the movie again tonight, and went online to find the trailer for it. Even that gives me chills. Watch, you’ll see…..

And I love the bantar, innuendo, and tension in this scene….

I may change my mind after I actually READ her books instead of watching the movie versions of them…. but for now I’m convinced this may be her greatest love story, and she didn’t write it, she lived it.


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  1. I loved this movie. I really didn’t know much about her either. I’d seen Emma and Persuasion (one of my faves) and that was about it.

  2. Yes, LOVED this movie…. totally need it in my collection!

  3. I have missed you and here you are!

  4. I’m working on Don Quixote right now. BIG UNDERTAKING! Jane Austen makes me feel small when I think of how incredible their imaginations and writings were at that time. What has happened to GREAT writing??

  5. I’ve wondered the same thing…. I was actually wondering if she’d be as successful had she been born in our time. She might have been lost in the sea of all that junk out there right now. 😐 No one writes like that anymore. Then again, maybe she would have stood out?

  6. I’m reading ‘Emma’ right now! I’ve never seen the movie but am loving the book. I think what I like most about Jane Austen is her subtle satire. She weaves these memorable characters and if you don’t dig deeper, you could think she actually agrees with and likes the society about which she writes. That isn’t the case though, usually she is poking fun at her own culture.

    And who doesn’t love Mr. Darcy?!

  7. Yes, I love the satire most I think. And Mr. Darcy… I always cheer! I’m hoping I like the books as much as the movies though! 😉


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