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I took this quiz a while ago and thought I’d take it again. Before, I was an attentive curator, but now I’m an encouraging designer. Funny how you change over time and how different roles in our lives can change things about us.  Where are you?


Wow, I noticed that there is just a little over two years in between me taking this test for the first and second times…. So much has happened in those two years. We moved to a new state away from every single person we know and love and I became heavily involved in our base MOPS group, forcing me to change things about me and how I relate to people. I wonder what I’ll be two more years from now??


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  1. hi! yay – another owen-mama. 🙂 thanks for coming by, I always especially love checking out the blogs of other moms of 3 boys. nice to ‘meet’ you. 🙂

    Elizabeth (aka Boy Crazy)

  2. Oh! So it is an Owen you have?? Love that name! And we love calling him O or Mr. O even here at home. 😉

    I too enjoy reading about other moms with three boys! You should check out Three boys as well! 😉

  3. I think “encouraging designer” is a very good description of being a mother.

    I don’t think it’s possible to stop changing, at least I hope not.

    I have no clear idea where any of us will be in two years. I do look forward to reading the adventures of you, and your family, especially DAO.

  4. Ed, something about when you comment is so familiar and comforting, like an old friend. Thank you. 😉


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