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The Answer To The Questions….

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“So are you guys happy there?”

“Do you LIKE where you live?”

“How’s Minot? Do you hate it?”

“How do you feel about living in North Dakota?

“WHY are you living there again? Are you happy?”

Okay, these questions are being asked A LOT. Naturally of course. People are concerned and want to know how we’re holding up and if we are okay. Everytime I answer honestly and say that it’s “not that bad, we enjoy it for the most part, I’m thankfull I have friends there now, the area is nice….” and so on and so on.

Last night I laid in bed and thought that my answer needs to be different. While YES those are legitimate answers, they aren’t the REAL reason. The REAL reason is why I am able to give THOSE answers.

God placed us where we are. He put us in Minot North Dakota. And I’m happy with that. And because I know He has us there for a reason, I can be happy about the rest of it. I am able to open up and be okay with where we live because I know Who placed us there. I am content. He is taking care of me, of our family, so I am content in where we are physically.

And that’s that. 😉


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  1. great post!

  2. I heart your heart. Great post.

  3. i have watched you grow, my friend.

    this post is proof. like the pencil markings on the inside of the basement door that show how tall your kids are.


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