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Reassurance is always a good thing!

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There have been times since we’ve had Owen when I’ve thought “should we REALLY have gotten Jake fixed?” When I see a little baby, when I HOLD one, when I see how much my own have grown. And how FAST. 😯

And then there are days like today, when they ask me a million times to open up their yogurt because they’ve accidentally pulled off the tab before they got the whole top off. Or when I hear “mommy! I pooped! And it’s messy!” which means it’s my turn to wipe. I also particularly love when I’m taking a shower and they NEED something immediately. Or when I have to cut up pizza into bite size pieces for three kids. By the time I get to my own food I’m nuking it for a few seconds.

Moments like these reassure me that YES I AM DONE, no matter how sweet and precious the newborn looks, or how cuddly and devoted a 6 month old is, or how fast my own are growing. I am at a point where I enjoy the growing independence THEY are getting, and that I am getting as they grow. When I think back to the days of toting around a newborn, sleepless nights, figuring out nursing (and dealing with the PAIN), all of the spitting up…. I could on and on really. I watch all three sit at the table feeding THEMSELVES and I am so glad they can. πŸ˜† I watch them all playing outside running around and I am thankful that all three can walk and talk (sometimes!) and play together without me directing their every move. Growing independence is a good thing!

Owen is OFFICIALLY done nursing. Yep. And as much as that broke my heart to do, I am realizing how much EASIER it makes my life. I am glad though that I nursed him to almost 2. I will never regret that. But I am glad it’s over. πŸ˜‰

It’s always good to be reassured of these things. A mother wonders from time to time.Β  πŸ˜‰


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  1. I’m sure it’s natural to second guess big life decisions, but I’m so glad you’re enjoying the new freedom the boys are finding at this age. There’s always something to be missed, but there’s always so much to look forward to as well!

  2. I will guess, having had none of the wonderful child rearing experiences you have, that there will always be new, different, challenges to raising DAO. Take your pick, cleaning their poop, or teaching them to drive. Nursing them or dealing with whatever Goth, Emo, etc, rebellious phase they will go through.

    Have a great child rearing trip. It will make you pull your hair out, and you will look back with love at every minute of it

  3. I admit I gave a lil smirk when you said “got Jake fixed” is that wrong? πŸ˜‰

    Kids growing up is a good thing. But us missing them as babies, to me, is a God thing. He gave us these tender hearts, it’s part of what makes us moms. It can be like a raw nerve missing those baby days, but at the same time I thank God that I have the capacity to be so passionate about being a mom.


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