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What’s that smell?

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I remember when I was little I would crawl into my moms lap and smell her skin. Most vividly I remember it being summer, sun shining, everyone sitting outside at my Granny and Papa’s house, and my mom would be in a lawn chair under the tree. Her skin was warm and smelled so good. It was comforting, soothing, familiar. I miss those days when I could crawl into her lap and she would hold me. At the same time I would lay my head on her chest and I could hear her heart beating, and when she talked it sounded muffled in my ear. There is nothing like it.

Whenever the boys are in my lap I catch them smelling my skin. When they lay with me in bed they always lay facing me, usually with their face pressed against an arm, or burrowed in my neck. As a baby, Dylan would actually nuzzle his way all the into my arm pit. 😯 To this day he is a nuzzler and will press his face against any exposed skin, just to get a scent of mommy. Aidan does it too, but more discreetly. If I ever were to point it out, he’d turn his head and run from me. He likes to sniff my shoulder while rubbing my arm. Owen has the nose of a bloodhound. That kid can smell me a mile away, maybe because he is still nursing. πŸ˜• Owen is like Dylan and prefers to bury his face in my neck. I often wonder what I smell like to them? I remember how my mom smells, but I couldn’t describe it adequately. Warm and sweet, and that doesn’t do it justice.

At night when the boys are asleep I always go in and check on them, with the exception of Owen. Never wake the bloodhound. πŸ˜‰ My favorite thing to do with Aidan and Dylan is to just SMELL them while they are sleeping. Their cheeks smell so sweet. I swear Aidan smells like maple syrup. Dylan is more of a musky smell. They are so peaceful and sweet looking, and I’d know their smell anywhere. Jake thinks I am nuts, but I think it’s just a mom thing. Or maybe it’s a me thing. Maybe I so many of my fond memories are tied to scent that I instantly pick up on it.

That is one of my favorite things about Jake too….. his smell. When he is gone I sleep in his unwashed night shirt because it has his smell on it. I’m always sniffing his neck or his cheeks. Oddly enough, I think he smells like maple syrup too. Maybe that is where Aidan gets it??? πŸ˜‰

One smell that I actually DO have bottled is my Granny’s perfume. She wears Gorgio all the time, and whenever I smell it, it’s like a hug from her. It’s one of the most familiar scents I know, and I can find it anytime I want to. I have a bottle of it that is half full that I will open once in a while just to get that familiar scent.Β 

I wish I could bottle them all.


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  1. Ohhhh, I totally know what you mean. I lost my Gma (made it to 95 :0) and miss her smells so bad. Sometimes they show up in various situations and I get choked up. I remember laying on her couch, hanging out, while she baked lemon merangue (sp?) pie and cooked a roast. And she always had a sent of white shoulders perfume. This makes me want to get some. Especially considering my teen boys are starting to make the house smell like a locker room.


  2. I so get it. When I was in college I would borrow a sweater of mom’s to take back with me just so my closet would smell like her.

  3. i do whatever it humanly takes to avoid smelling my son.

    as you were…

  4. This is so entirely sweet! (and the exact kind of thing you would put in a memoir!)

    I sniff my kids a lot but never sniffed my mom or anyone else that I remember. I vote for it’s a mom thing.

    But I DO think you have a sniffing addiction. Remember Docker and Maisy? You sniffed them all the time…eek!

    Maple syrup huh? That’s so funny!!

  5. OH! And the pillowcase?!? yay…you are a sniffer! LOL!

  6. I AM a sniffer. heehee πŸ˜†

    I sniff Peanut too, right between the eyes just like I did Docker and Maizy. 😦

    And I haven’t used that pillowcase in a year…even though I get a wave of nostalgia and want it!! πŸ˜‰


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