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Not much going on here these days. Still …

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Not much going on here these days. Still snowing A LOT. Still freezing. Most days you can find us inside with some crazy boys climbing the walls. πŸ˜‰ We have been able to make it out of the house a bit more….trips into town to eat or shop. Thank you tax refund. Speaking of tax refund, we were able to pay off two big bills that have been a thorn in our side for a while now! yeah! That gives us some extra money each month which will be nice. In fact, we are looking at buying my mom’s van from her when we go home in July. It’s paid off for her, so she just wants us to make payments on it….. we would be stupid to not take her up on it! We’ll never get an offer like that again, for sure. We’re excited at the thought of it…having two vehicles will definately open up MY days a bit more with the boys. πŸ˜‰

I got my hair done last week and I LOVE it. Super short in the back and long in the front. I joked that it was a reverse mullet. πŸ˜† HA!! I’m loving it. So cute and trendy.

The boys are “same ‘ol same ‘ol” around here. Aidan has a bit of PTSD from when we all had the stomach flu in December. He carries around a cup ALL THE TIME with him and calls it his “frow up cup.” He sleeps with it, plays with it, takes it with us in the truck….. he cries if he can’t find it. 😦 Poor kid. We had him weened from a bucket down to a large cup, then down to a small cup. I was hoping to get rid of the cup here soon but he gagged himself on accident tonight and DID throw up. UGH! Back to square one. One cute thing about him lately is his dancing. That kid can DANCE!! I was worried he’d be the one to have NO rythm at all but lately he’s been a dancing fool. πŸ˜€ I’ve caught him several times dancing up a storm when he thinks no one is watching. heehee He is just so dang cute it kills me.

Owen is getting the greatest little personality ever. Oh gosh that kid just makes me smile. He is so happy and smiley all the time. It’s awesome. He has three teeth coming in at the same time….two are large back teeth and one is an eye tooth. Canine or whatever. So far he has 6 teeth all the way in. His smile is so big you can see them all. He is a funny little buggar. Nursing is going okay with him. I’ve got him to where I don’t NEED to nurse him before naps or bedtime. Mostly we just nurse in the morning and MAYBE before bed. And if he manages to catch me sitting down he knows how to get what he wants. LOL. I know I know….some of you are cringing. Oh well. πŸ˜†

Dylan we are having some problems with lately. 😦 This kid will argue until you are blue in the face. It is so frustrating. He has an opinion about EVERYTHING, wants to argue EVERYTHING, knows how to do EVERYTHING better than everyone else, and did I mention he has an opinion about EVERYTHING????? πŸ˜‰ We are at our wits end arguing with him over every little detail. I joke that he is going to be a lawyer when he grows up. πŸ˜† He can debate anything. On the positive side though, he is one little cleaning machine. He loves cleaning anything as long as I don’t tell him to clean it. πŸ˜† HAHAHA!!! If I tell him to clean it, I can guarantee that it WON’T get cleaned. He cleans what he wants. haha! And he is quite the little conversationalist lately too. I love spending time with him and hearing what he has to say…..when he’s not arguing. πŸ˜‰

Peanut has become my best little buddy around here with Jake’s wacky schedule. This dog follows me everywhere. EVERYWHERE. He sleeps with me at night, usually at the foot of the bed or RIGHT next to my head. He likes to be touching me somewhere, and if I move, he moves. He waits for me when I take a shower. Follows me to the bathroom. Sits with me on the couch. He NEVER leaves my side. EVER. I swear Jake is jealous. πŸ˜† He gets mad when Peanut follows me everywhere. heehee I made an appointment for him to get groomed next week, and the week after that he gets SNIPPED. Maybe he will calm down. He is SUCH a hyper dog. 😯

Jake and I are okay. This schedule he is on (nights) has been hard on us b/c we are so out of our normal schedule for hanging out with eachother. Pretty much during the week we don’t SEE eachother…. no hanging out, no conversations, nothing like that. Just the usual taking care of the boys and eating quick so he can get to work. Kind of a bummer. We were able to hang out a lot this last weekend though. Friday night we hung out together and did our own Valentines thing here at home. Then on Saturday night we went out with friends to the restaurant on base that has a bar….there was a Valentines comedy show that night complete with a dinner. We had fun, food, drinks, friends, comedy….it was a great night. So much fun. And hilarious! It was nice to be out for several hours with another couple and not have the kids. They have a 5 year old and a 14 year old so their older daughter watched all of them. And we never had to leave base!! πŸ˜€ Sweet!

So anyway, not a lot going on here as you can tell. We literally never leave the house unless it is to EAT or obtain food or diapers. πŸ˜† The winter hasn’t made us TOO crazy so far, but I will admit that I am FINALLY at the point where I really want to go outside, even just for a walk. And yes, it is too cold. While the temps may be in the 20’s (yes, that is a HEAT WAVE here!) the wind chill ruins it. 😦 Bummer. Oh! The other day when I was getting my hair done I was talking to a woman who has lived here her whole life, I swear she was around 80. Anyway, 80 years old, lived here her whole life….she said this is the most snow she has EVER seen here. SEVERAL people have said that who have lived here their whole lives. I think it’s funny that we come here the year they have their worst snow ever. πŸ˜† Gives me hope for next year! HAHA!!


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  1. You’re right – i Am proud of you Tam – oopsie! Sorry – BWAN – the theme brought back memories! πŸ˜‰

    And i loved and laughed through this post – i can so see you doing this stuff!

    I think it is so great the way you love your kids – even in circumstances that can get a little difficult ( did i say LITTLE?) at times. hang in their Kiddo – the sunshine’s just around the corner! ( Ever wonder how the innuit kids have fun? – in like minus 60 and wind chill over forty?

    Sometimes we can get a little ‘soft’ πŸ˜‰ ( he says typing in his shorts with the window open and bright warm blue skies and sunshine out – gosh it’s a tough life for some!) πŸ˜‰

    ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. I see you have a new look with both your hair and you blog.

    I also see you life with DAO is just as exciting(?) :), as always, but I know that from following you on Twitter.

    Nice to read that Aidan has your sense of rythm. I hope his stomach starts getting better soon. It is funny how kids get attached to things, like his “throw up” cup.

    Great to read how much Owen and Peanut make you smile.

    Getting snipped should calm Peanut down. I know just thinking about getting snipped would calm me down a lot. πŸ™‚

    Hopefully Dylan will learn to argue less with you. As you say maybe he will grow up to be a big shot lawyer and help you and Jake live the life you dream of, complete with mansion and limo. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey, I almost hate to tell you this, but Dyl’s constant arguing is one of the characteristics of a gifted child. (I know I’m his g’ma, but we all know he’s very bright!) ;o) Cheri used to have that same issue with Steve… You might want to ask her how she dealt with it. ;o) I know it can get REALLY tiresome!
    Thanks for the update…it was so good to hear how the boys are growing and developing!

  4. Joyce,
    I remember you telling me that once a long time ago when he was going through another one of his phases…..ALSO a very trying one. πŸ˜† The arguing is very tiresome. We feel at our wits end with it. πŸ˜• The kid is too smart for OUR own good. πŸ˜† HAHA!

  5. i wanna see the new do!

  6. Well dang, I wasn’t going to get all purdied up tonight for the movie but I guess I will just for you. πŸ˜‰ I’ll have Jake take a picture.

  7. for me??? yessssssss!

  8. I talked to Cheri about what she did when Steve constantly debated and argued. She said she tried to let some of it go because when she was little she had been “shut down” a lot by her dad. Other times she would try compromising, or letting him talk it out. But I’m sure there are also times when you just have to say, “Discussion is OVER and I’m the boss!” ;o)

    love you all!

  9. Oh, BTW…I’m glad you and Jake are getting to have a date night…I’m sure you need it!!



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