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Today we had some pretty nice weather outside….. the sun was gorgeous! No wind! I decided to get me and the boys bundled and borrow my friends wagon. I pulled the boys around the block….took all of 15 minutes but DANG were we frozen when we got back. Even still, they wanted to play in the backyard ON the snow. Standing on top of it they were taller than our swingset! 😯  I laid Owen down for a nap and then got Dylan and Aidan loaded into the truck to get some hot chocolate at the coffee shop.

It was 3pm. Coffee shop was closed! Dang! So, I dropped the boys back at home (by the way, Jake was home sleeping this whole time) and went to the shoppette to get some there. Swung by and paid the babysitter for Friday night on my way home. Came in, gave the boys their drinks, then told them that since Owen and Daddy were sleeping and they were quietly watching cartoons I was going to run to the grocery store QUICKLY. They were to sit quietly, sip their drinks, and not make a fuss. “Okay mommy, okay, okay, okay mommy, okay” was what I heard. I made sure they understood, and I was off. I was MAYBE gone for 30 minutes. MAYBE.

When I got home all hell had broke loose. Owen was up. Jake was up. Dylan was sobbing. Aidan was…..Aidan. Wandering around without a clue. Apparently, Owen had been awakened (funny how NO ONE knows how) and was screaming this weird scream he does when he is scared and thinks no one is coming for him. Jake heard him, got up and came downstairs to Dylan to screaming “MOMMY?! MOMMY?! MOMMY?!” and spilled hot chocolate ALL OVER THE COUCH. When Dylan saw Jake he burst into tears because he couldn’t find mommy. Jake of course was mad b/c he thought I left them alone and didn’t tell them where I was going. He even called my friend across the street looking for me. The boys SWORE they had no clue where I was or if/when I had left. 😯 Good grief.

Once I got everyone calmed down I explained to Jake what exactly had happened. He went back to bed and the boys went about playing. I asked Dylan if he remembered what we talked about. “Yeah, you were just going to the store really quick.” YES DUDE! I have no idea what was up with him freaking out and saying he didn’t know where I was. Good grief. I called my friend and she gave me the story from her end. 😆 Apparently Jake was REALLY mad. haha!!

If you’re wondering if I’ve ever done this before……yes I have. I’ve left them sitting on the couch watching a movie while Owen has been sleeping and Jake IS home (sleeping, but home) while I ran to Burger King, and been gone the same amount of time. I have no idea what went wrong today. 😆  😯 GOOD GRIEF!!


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  1. oh friend, sorry for the stress level spike!

  2. This story is awful and hilarious all at the same time 😯


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