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UPDATE 1/11/09

Baby Annie died on Saturday morning at 9:30. Thank you for your prayers. Some day I will pass this on to Jennifer if/when I see her, at the appropriate time. I trust that God healed Annie, even if it was in a way that is heartbreaking for us to understand.


This morning in MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) we were told about a young mother who just had a baby last week. I met her back in December and remember how excited she was to welcome her second baby girl, to be named Annie Lynn. A new baby sounds exciting huh? Problem is though…. she was 5 weeks early. I don’t have all of the details, just what we were told this morning. At some point after delivering, the babies heart stopped for 45 minutes. The doctors were able to revive her but a later test showed no brain activity. Two days later another test showed no brain activity. On Sunday (1/11/09) they will do another test to see if there is still no brain activity. At that point (7 days)she can be declared brain dead in the state of North Dakota. The parents are preparing for the worst and praying for the best. Their intention is to take her off of life support on Monday if the tests prove she is still brain dead.

PLEASE be praying for the Davis family. Kevin, Jennifer and their two daughters Abbey (2 or 3yrs) and precious Annie Lynn. Just yesterday I told someone “you have to believe in the WHEN, not in the if.” God can do miracles folks. Let’s pray for one.



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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. She needs all the prayers she can get.

  2. I am praying too! love you

  3. ugh. heartbreaking.

  4. I’m sending Brennen to look over them all… tears can’t explain how I am feeling right now!

  5. hey… I’ll email my prayer warriors right now.

    I’m already praying

    Love ya!!

  6. We’re all believing God for a miracle. This baby’s getting prayed over by all of us. You have to keep us updated!!

  7. that’s heartwrenching…

  8. Wow. I’m praying and will be anxious to hear how the next test goes…

  9. Little One – thanks for sharing – mama and papa will be praying. God is there with them – weeping I am sure.

  10. Thanks everyone! I will for keep you posted as I know more…I’m not sure really when I will find out anything…I think there will be an email sent out. I would hope so anyway. This baby has been on my mind and heart since I found out.

  11. continue to pray for this mother and family..for healing and restoration, for peace that passes all understanding..and thanking GOD that you are there to pass this on so we can lift her up.

    We certainly are family in Christ, and no one could ever tell me different. Love you Bwan

  12. Darla, I knew in my heart you would be the first to respond to this update. I felt it in my bones. Strange how that happens between two people who have never “met” huh? ♥ I love you friend.

    And yes, we must continue to pray for this family.

  13. Words and tears can not explain how I feel at this moment! I pray Annie meets Brennen and they have a great time playing together. My thoughs are with the family. Brandy, I have a book to recommend if you are interested. I have shared it with others in this same situation and they too have found it helpful. Let me know if you are interested.

  14. ugh. my heart is heavy. (i love you friend)

  15. Alece said it right. My heart is just heavy. I’m happy for Annie that she is well and being held in loving arms, but I know how much her mom wants those arms to be her own. I’ll be praying for them.

  16. Shannon, my heart hurts for you as well. I am sure you relive this more often than anyone can imagine. 😦 Yes please do tell me about that book. I would like to get it for her.

    Alece, me too friend. Me too. (miss you and love you)

    Gitz, you said it so perfectly: “but I know how much her mom wants those arms to be her own” I just cannot even imagine. 😥

  17. This is a heart breaker – This is one of those “I don’t understand issues” that I hope Jesus will explain to me one of those days in eternity. Papa’s heart aches tonight. 😦

  18. Wow. I will be praying. I cannot imagine. Don’t know if I could handle something like that.


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