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Jake just called from work and told me to check my email for a forward from him:


I am pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Holiday Lights
Contest.  My Housing personnel will notify each winner and instruct them
to swing by the Housing Office to collect their prize(s).

1st Place:  Maj Sweetland, 91 OG.  $25 Darby Dollars and a $100 Savings
Bond donated by the Minot Chapter, Air Force Association

2nd Place:  SSgt Hawkins, 5 MUNS.  $20 Darby Dollars

3rd Place:  Capt Olson, 91 MOS.  $15 Darby Dollars

Honorable Mention:  SMSgt Kruger, 5 CS. 

YEAH!!! Next year….FIRST PLACE! 😀


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  1. way to go! i can’t remember — did you already post a picture of your “holiday lights”? i need a refresher if you did.

    watcha gonna do with your 20 big ones?

  2. The money is for the restaurant at the community center so we’ll probably just get a pizza or something. haha!

    Here’s the thing….we never entered. Some of our lights went out right before the deadline, and we weren’t feeling satisfied enough to enter so we just said “eh forget it” so SOMEONE had to enter us. I wonder who?!?! If we had known we were entered, we totally would have fixed those lights and added more…. but hey, STILL COOL!! 😉

  3. oh wow! it’s even more fun that you didn’t know you were entered into the contest!

    rock that pizza.

  4. Next year the Major Goes down ! Yeah!

  5. wow! Congrats. guys. 🙂

  6. woot woot!! congrats.
    that is very cool
    You guys will be the Griswolds before you know it. LOL
    I think that is cool the base does fun stuff like that.

  7. I like that “We’ll be back next year” spirit. Let me know if they have a holiday eating contest… I’d be a lock for that one.

  8. Congrats! I love that Christmas spirit! (I also love typos…I just spelled siprit instead of spirit. Ha!) Anyhow. Can’t believe you didn’t get 1st place. Don’t know what you could have done any different cause I thought your place looked great! Kudos. Come talk to the Christmas Light Contractor for help with ideas for next year! WooHoo!

  9. You guys did a great job with the lights

    At an AF base it is pretty hard for a Sgt to beat out a Major. You were robbed! 🙂


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