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Cutest kids EVER! In my book anyway!

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Okay friends, this blog is going to be a bit video heavy for awhile. I am LOVING the whole webcam thing and recording the boys….and posting it. 😆 So please bear with me and just WATCH THIS. You even get baby kisses at the end! 😉


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  1. such cuties…

    but i liked the “honey” video best!

  2. oh yes, the honey video was hilarious! 😆

  3. Oh my Lord those are some sweeeet babies!!!

  4. i want to gobble owen up!

  5. Tam, if you want to gobble Owen up…DON’T watch this.

    Just kidding. WATCH IT. 😆

  6. Can’t watch cute videos at the office 😦 but I already know your boys are cute. My latest post does however, raise the cute bar up a notch or two…

  7. Brandy, if we look up “cute” in the dictionary we would find DAO. Although I could do without the nose picking. 🙂

  8. Love it – what a precious video of your four boys~ lol !! They are all special –

    Thanks Brandy!

  9. You know me…I’m just hungry for information about you all! I check here EVERY day just to see if there is ANYTHING about your day or the boys!


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