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Drama Queen at your service!

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So, once again, we all know I love me an apron right?! 😆

My Dear Mom has called me “DQ” for so long I can’t remember her NOT calling me DQ. Short for Drama Queen obviously. 😉 She has passed this on to Dylan, at times calling him a DK, Drama King. 😆

I was THRILLED when I opened up one of the presents from her. Seriously folks, aprons make me happy!



I will wear it with pride! 😆


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  1. Fantastic! My niece, Avery, has a tshirt that has the Dairy Queen logo on it but it says Drama Queen instead.

    You two would get along famously 🙂

  2. i love you, my BM DQ friend.

  3. WoW !! THat is perfect!! LOL

  4. I wore it tonight JUST to make grilled cheese! 😆

  5. oh oh…and I’m wearing shorts and a black tank top. I had Dylan take a picture of me….yeah, I won’t be posting that. It doesn’t look family friendly. 😆 😯

  6. Don’t change a thing about ya DQ!!!

    I love the hot pink..

    Did someone say grilled cheese???

  7. ooooh Haydee do you like grilled cheese as much as I do?!?! 😆 I especially love it on homemade bread…. cut really thick with butter SLATHERED on. MMMMMM. 😛 Pioneer Woman has an AMAZING grilled cheese sandwhich that I literally SWOON over. mmhmm. Check it out:

    I could eat TEN of these just to keep tasting them. They are SO GOOD. Try them my friend!! 😆

  8. YOU.ARE.A.NUT! Seriously! lol!

  9. Oh shut up! 😆 heehee

  10. btw, where the heck are you?! I called….got yer stinkin VM. *sigh*

  11. I love this. I like this apron and hat.

  12. is that apron a little sexy looking???

    im just sayin’….

  13. Great looking apron and hat.

    I am thinking of that commercial (McDonalds?) where the husband has his wife wear a “special” outfit on his birthday, and it’s a McDonalds service uniform.

    Does Jake have a “favorite” apron. 🙂


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